Monday, June 27, 2011

My Style Monday or rather What We Wore!

After posting pictures of Sweet C's Baptism last week, I received a flood of emails asking about both mine and C's outfits. Okay, it was more like a trickle rather than a flood and Husband? I'm sorry you didn't get any outfit-love. Regardless, we thought you looked pretty dapper!

That being said, I thought I would link up with Mrs. Smith so that I could share with you a bit more about our ensembles. Again, not something you typically see around here but after breaking my rule of "no formal weekend recaps," I figured "what the heck!?" Rules are meant to be broken. 

First up? Carterito. Carter is wearing a handmade white pique cotton Jon-Jon, believe it or not, custom made by an eBay seller. That's right. eBay. Not Etsy. Shock of all shocks, really. I stumbled upon this particular seller, spotted an ah-mazing pricetag and figured, "well, if the quality isn't all that good, I won't feel too bad spending so little on it." Shame on me. 

Thirteen-Stitches was an absolute doll to work with and when the Jon-Jon arrived? I was blown away by the high quality fabric and buttons. She truly did an amazing job. I ordered his Jon-Jon without the monogram and ended up taking it to a local tailor and choosing a simple Circle Monogram in beige. I have to say I am supremely pleased with the end result! I loved working with Thirteen-Stitches so much that I went back and ordered C's First Birthday Jon-Jon from her and Loyals, IT IS AMAZING. From the monogramming to the appliques, she did a fantastic job! I cannot wait to share it with you! She truly did a stupendous job!

Carter's shoes are Sperry's purchased at Nordstrom. I may or may not shed a tear or two when he outgrows them.

As for moi? I know I joked around a bit, saying that I might consider wearing something pink, poly-blend and bedazzled a la a certain New Jersey Housewife. I hope I didn't disappoint any of you when I ended up choosing something a bit more, let's say, understated. 

When looking for a dress, I knew I wanted something bright and airy. Something that would accent my faux tan thanks to Jergens Express lotion. To me, summer parties scream bright, bold colors and keeping in mind that this party was preceded by a church celebration, I knew the dress would also have to be.. appropriate. I love this dress. 

I stumbled upon it while in the JCrew outlet shopping with one of my favorite Mommy friends. With a cinchable tie-waist, this dress was able to camouflage my mom-bits that needed camouflaging (tummy) and accent my mom-bits that could use the accenting (arms, legs, ankles, etc). This dress seems generously sized as I ended up buying it in a small. Yay, me! 

Versatility is a major bonus in my book and I can't wait to pair this dress with my classic Rainbows for a trip to the park or even a quick errand-run to the grocer. 

And the shoes. Holy hot glitter wedges, Batman. Have you ever seen a prettier shoe? I'm in love. And what makes this Nine West Outlet steal even better? They're comfortable. Can you believe it? Although I may not be able to "run" after Carter, I know I'll certainly be able to keep up. I have a feeling these shoes will be a staple in this Mama's summer wardrobe! 

Hope you enjoyed this slight deviation from the norm here at I Love You More Than Carrots! 
Feeling model-y? Want to show off your look? 
Well, link up with Mrs. Smith! 
Happy Monday, Loyals! 

My Style Monday

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  1. Loooove this idea for a Monday post! You look beautiful and of course, C looks precious as usual! I'm gonna have to look into that's my absolute favorite color, especially for summer! Happy Monday, pretty lady!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I need a jon jon for Ethan's baby dedication in July and this will be perfect! I was seriously about to email you. I hope you don't mind that we might be copying this little number?

  3. I bought my friend baby sperry's for her baby boy. I love them on babies!!! Love all the outfits!

  4. My brother bough my niece Sperry's, so so cute! C looks adorable as always and his Mama is stunning! Love that dress!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I absolutely adored C's precious outfit and the coral color was gorgeous on you!

  6. It looks great on you! I question what it might look like on me, though...LOL :) I see it's on sale...and the orchid shadow color is pretty...hmmmmm...

  7. That dress looks so cute! Tbird has sperrys we got from Dillards.. Size 2! I might just bronze them when he grows out of them! :)

  8. Love both yours and Carter's outfits.

  9. I totally noticed your shoes in the picture before you ever said anything about them! Awesome!!! I'm shorter than everyone else I know over the age of 10, so I never wear anything flat. LOVE these!

  10. That dress was super cute on you...and C looked adorable in his outfit...can't believe you got it on ebay!

  11. If my sister has a boy, he's getting an outfit just like C's! I love it!

    And you look beautiful :) thanks for linking up!

  12. C's outfit with the monogram mixed with those adorable sperry's is to die for! So cute! As is your dress. I love anything coral.

  13. I've had my eye on that J Crew dress for weeks, thanks for showing me how cute it looks on!

  14. Thanks for following! I'm your newest follower! :o)
    You little boy is adorable!
    Loving Moments

  15. I've been thinking about getting Ryan baptized, but now I'm pretty sure I HAVE to, so I can get one of those Jon-Jons. (Is it bad that wardrobe factors into my decision? God appreciates fashion, right?)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours!

  16. That jon jon is seriously perfection. I can't wait to see what the first birthday one looks like!!

    And I may or may not have just ordered that dress. J Crew owes you a kick back ;)

  17. oh my word, he looks flippin adorable!!! i LOVE the jon jon!! i wonder if my 7 year old will let me put one on him?? and seriously...i love the sperrys...LOVE. and now i need to go find myself some cute wedges!

  18. Y'all look great! And I LOVE the color of your dress!


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