Friday, June 24, 2011

A Call for NEW JULY Sponsors! ...

With the start of a new month comes the opportunity for new sponsors here on I Love You More Than Carrots. Are you looking to promote your company and or specific product? We would love for you to consider us and are incredibly flexible when it comes to options. 

I Love You More Than Carrots is accepting sponsorship offers for advertising space, relative to the content of this here fine slice of the Internet. That means we'd love to work with any companies whose advertising interests include but are not limited to handmade goods, fashion for savvy moms, children's items and household products.

Right now, I Love You More Than Carrots is offering a "basic sponsorship" package that includes:

1. a 125x125 sidebar button (created by sponsor)
2. a weekly tweet that promotes your company and/or product
3. a weekly facebook post that also promotes your company and/or product
4. an introductory post (150+ words) introducing your company and/or product.

With greater than 22,000 page views per month and over 5,000 unique monthly visitors, we would love to help spread the word about your next great idea or product.

Our "followers" via Google Friend Connect is currently 645 and growing by the day! We're also Facebook friendly with 160+ "likes" and Twitter friendly with over 450 dedicated followers, also growing by the day! 

For competitive pricing and package discounts, email me at iloveyoumorethancarrots (at) gmail (dot) com! 

We look forward to working with you! 

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