Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby Bottle Prepping Blues? You Need The Beaba Bib'expresso!

Let me break it down for you. Bottle feeding is a pain. There, I said it. I mean, when you're breastfeeding, there aren't five million tiny parts to wash and nooks and crannies to clean and you don't ever have to worry about warming The Milkies up too hot because, well, frankly, your body does a fantastic job of it on it's own. 

However? Not all women are lucky enough to have fully functioning parts, if you will. And? Others? Well, they just choose not to use them. Whatever the case may be, I'm going out on a limb here, but I think it's safe to say that the washing, prepping, warming and fixing parts of Bottle Feeding can be a real pain in the rear. 

The Beaba Bib'expresso is literally a Scandinavian gift from god. When given the opportunity to review and write about this product, I literally jumped out of my Mom-iform. You know, the yoga pants and ratty T that I've taken to wear literally every day for the past several months? Yeah, that one.

With the Beaba Bib'expresso it is possible to both prepare and warm a bottle in just seconds. I know, pick your jaw up from the floor. You read that correctly. Brace yourselves, Mommies, because this can all be done with ONLY ONE HAND. Shock of all shocks

With it's direct water flow and constant safe temperature, your formula bottles will be mixed and warmed to perfection. In less than 30 seconds. 

Here's where C would like for me to point out that he no longer needs to wait forever and ever for his Mama to prep bottles. As we Mommies know, ravenous babies are both unhappy and impatient. And to tired Mommies in the morning? That scenario is mighty painful.

Not only can you use this product to mix and prepare bottles but you can also use that fancy attachment up top to warm jars of baby food, using the "baine-marie" method. The attachment is precisely that. An attachment, which means that it can be un-attached and taken with you wherever the need may be. 

Because C's baby food was cubed and frozen in ice cub trays and zip lock baggies, I didn't really have much necessity for warming his food. However, I was able to take the attachment with me to friends' houses when I knew I would need to easily warm a bottle of milkies. Brilliant.

Plus? No more putzing around in that dark cabinet at dark o' clock in the morning searching for bottles and bottle parts. See that pretty little compartment on that back end there? Why, that's for storing your bottles. And wait. It gets better. Shucks, I feel like Oprah!

Not only can that compartment hold up to three 10oz bottles but it is also microwave safe which means your bottles can be sterilized in it and kept safely protected from both light, dust and other gross Germies.

Other notable niceties? The Beaba Bib'expresso is self-cleaning (holla!) and BPA free. 

And? If you're so inclined, once Baby is no longer in need of bottles? The Beaba Bib'expresso warms water for both tea and hot cocoa. Talk about multi-faceted! Here's a link to a fancy little video that shows the Beaba Bib'expresso in action: 

All in all? C and I give this product a whopping five paci's. If you're not hip with the Pacifier Rating Scale, that's as good as five stars! 

So many of you have already expressed an interest in purchasing the Beaba Bib 'expresso that I wanted to make sure you knew where to look for it! It's also available for purchase at the following retailers Amazon and Pampered Tot!

Thank you to Béaba for providing me with a Bib’expresso to review free of charge. To order your own Bib'expresso or one of many Béaba products, visitwww.beabausa.com.

While Béaba provided me with a Bib'expresso to review, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Béaba,Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity

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  1. This rocks!!! I wish I knew about this sucker earlier as we are trying to get C off of his bottle by his 1st birthday. :( But this is a must for the next babe.

  2. I am sad that I am just now learning about this. I would have killed for something like this when Kate was waking up 389756 times a night to eat.

    What an awesome product!!

  3. Looks amazing! We are hopefully ending bottles days soon! For Baby #2??? Mayhaps!

  4. You lucky dog! I have been wanting to try out this gadget!!

  5. I have a feeling that I am going to be trying to find this post in a few months! What an awesome product. Score one for the Sweds:-)

  6. So, am I a bad mommy if Kitty drinks her formies right from the fridge? What she doesn't know won't hurt her ;) This looks super awesome, though...maybe next time around!

  7. This was the first thing to go up on my registry. No joking around over here!!

  8. Wow! What a great invention.... a huge time saver I'm sure. Love it! Elli gets my milk in a bottle when I'm at work... and not going to lie... Andrew gripes and moans about the "Warming" up part ALL.THE.TIME. I should direct him over here! ;-)

  9. SHUT! UP! I was just saying last night to Matt that they NEED to make a Kuerig for baby bottles!! BAAAAH!

    This is amazing!!

    Thanks for sharing! I have to go look at this stat!

  10. haha I think bottles are also a pain in the butt...I have to pump at work and my kid gets bottles during the day while I am at work and just washing them every night and washing my pump parts is annoying on top of everything else i have to do. We should have one of those because my kid's name is Scandinavian. There. reason enough. ha

  11. Carter is darling! Love your blog!

    Check out an award on my blog! :)

    Just Happy.... @ tylerandbrianastafford.blogspot.com

  12. I want it! It's going on the wish list for sure.

    Great review!


  13. That is sooo super cool! I will just HAVE to remember that for when I have kids!!!


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