Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day Three of The Sickies.

And by "Sickies," I mean The Plague. For a kid whose never been sick other than a day or two at four months old when his Dad brought home The Sniffles, Carter certainly manned up and made up for lost time. A double ear infection, double eye infection and an irritated throat. Boom.
Did I mention he's such a good sharer? Under any other circumstances, I would be such a proud Mama. 

Here are the questions I leave you to ponder while I go wrangle my child for what will be an Olympic-attempt at administering eye drops. I seriously deserve a trophy for this shit.

1. How can something so small produce such copious amounts of snot?

2. Why is it that babies and children insist on coughing in your face at the precise time your mouth is open? For such young-ins, they have pretty darn good aim. 

3. Does one really think that by providing a larger than life eye dropper, that the child would somehow not see that bad boy coming directly towards their face? Thence allowing ease of administration of an Elmer's Glue-like substance?

4. It's a snot sucker. It's not a dagger. It doesn't bite. For the love of all things holy, would you please just let me suck some of that godforsaken snot out of your head?

5. Where is The Husband? Has anyone seen him? We certainly haven't. 

If I catch Carter's pink-eye, I'm going to lose my shit. 

Happy Thursday, Loyals. 
If you don't hear from me, send wine. 
And amoxicillin. 

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  1. Sickies is the best word ever isn't it? I like to think I invented it.

    I have a mom trick to get your kid to stay still when snot-sucking (seeing as I had a kid who was freaking sick over 8 times this winter). I'm afraid to put it on HERE b/c, um, it sounds kind of torturous when really? It's not at all. But if you want the trick, email me. And also? We had that pink eye/conjunctivitus thing too (Eme did) and it's horrible. The double ear infection, too many times to count.

    Lets just hope this is the last of it and you can enjoy your summer sickness-free after this!

  2. yikes! i'm so sorry! I hope Carter feels better soon and you manage to escape the crud!

  3. Oye! I hope he gets better quick and it doesn't linger! Poor little guy. For so long I used that snot sucker and my little girl never knew it was coming and then one day she just got tricky and started smacking it out everytime. Damn.

  4. Sending copious amounts of wine / sympathy. We're dealing with teething / mystery sniffles here, but that has nothing on a double ear, double eye infection!

    Also, you'd think the Devil Himself resided in that stupid snot sucker thing. Are there any babies who actually allow their parents to use one, or were they designed merely to make us feel inadequate?

  5. Ugh. you poor poor thing. poor c too. no bueno!

  6. You crack me up! That's all. But seriously, beeeeeeeen there wayyyy too many times! Cheers to him (and you) feeling better!

    It's ok to cheers aka drink at 9am... at work... right?!

  7. Since Connor apparently gave Carter the eye goop, I never got that stuff in his eye. When he shut them to get away from it? I would put it along his lash line and rub it in. A few days later he was fine. I guess some of it made it in since it cleared up!

  8. We're battling the sickies over here too. Though consider yourself lucky it's only your 2nd battle. We've had it more times than I'd like to count. And my oh so generous son is always sure to pass it along to me too! Joy.

  9. Poor C! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

    Drink up - it's 5 o'clock all the time when the sickies invade!

  10. You are hysterical. Thank you for my morning dose of laughter. Best of luck with Carter and his sickies. Hang in there lady!

  11. I hope C feels better soon!!! KP has neverbeen sick really either, I pray it stays that way!

  12. Hope you and the babe feel better soon! :)

  13. Our ped taught me to pin Kitty's wrists over her head while she's laying on her back. Works EVERY TIME...but C's getting really big, so it may not be as magical for you.

    Friend, do NOT catch this shit. My husband had to stay home from work yesterday because I thought I was going to die. DIE, I tell you!

  14. Poor Conner...that sounds awful!!! And poor momma...I can't even imagine how stressful that must be. Sounds like you need a night out and a bottle of wine once that boy gets to feeling better - sending hugs ya'lls way!!!

  15. Reading this & seeing his pictures on Twitter just break my heart!! I am so, so sorry you are dealing with this!!

    Get better soon, C & AP!!


  16. Oh no! 3 days of fun. I'm dreading the day Ethan gets sick. I hope he gets better soon and that your husband brings home lots of wine when he reappears!

  17. Oh no! I hope Carter feels better soon...and that Mommy doesn't catch it! Tommy had a few ear infections when he first started daycare last year and pink eye once - but the antibiotics we got were always oral - never had to put anything in the eyes (or ears). So I have no advice for you, other than to beg your doc for an oral antibiotic. Still not always easty to administer, but you can usually pry the mouth open...but not an eye! Hang in there!

  18. HAHAHAHA this post could have been written by me, word for word. I agree with EVERY point! Sick kids = no bueno.

    laughed out loud about the snot sucker. my kids hate it too. this one time, I had a friend who didn't have a snot sucker in her house, and her son DESPERATELY needed the snot sucked out of his nose, so she used her mouth. true (and disgusting) story.

  19. All I have to say.. I love it when you "lose your sh*#"... but I hope you don't get pink eye. Lose your sh*# on something else! :)

  20. Oh no!! I hope you guys get feeling better right quick!


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