Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Sharing The Things That Matter Most."

Thank you to Yahoo! Mail for sponsoring this post about staying connected. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

Yahoo! Mail is all about helping you "share the things that matter most," and for me? That's sharing pictures of Carter with my parents who live states away and don't get to love all over their grandson nearly as often as they would like. It makes my heart ache to think about how often six or eight weeks will pass before they have the chance to smother C with hugs and kisses. 

So in the interim? I email them. Hoards and hoards of pictures. Pictures of his first meal, his first tooth, his first swim in the baby pool. I attach audio clips of him humming and talking himself to sleep at night. I send videos of him clapping, waving buh-bye and cruising around the house with his push-wagon. Email after email after email

It helps us stay connected. It helps a daughter feel closer to her Mom and Dad and a Gammie and Poppy feel closer to their little Carter-ito.

Emailing my parents these pictures, audio clips and videos allows them to feel as if they're celebrating each and every one of C's milestones with us, as they are happening, despite the distance that lies between us. It warms my heart to think that they won’t have to miss out on his first word, his first day of school and heaven forbid, his first school dance or first driving lesson.

I couldn’t imagine living as far away from my parents as I do. But? It’s my reality and right now, there’s nothing I can do to change that. I also couldn’t imagine life without email. Thankfully? I don’t have to. At the drop of a hat, the click of the mouse and few keystrokes later? Carter is practically in their living room. Talking up a storm, blowing kisses and telling his Gammie and Poppy just how much loves and misses them.

So, what does email mean to you? Do you have a special connection? Or rather, does it help connect someone special to you?

Bring your words to life with Yahoo! Mail. See how Yahoo! Mail helps you "share the things that matter most."

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  1. I really can't imagine what parenting was like 30 years ago when my parents lived in Vail and ALL their family members lived 12 hours away. Take a whole ROLL of film, hoping the shots turn out. Develop them. Go pick them up. Discard half of them, because they suck. Try to figure out how to divy up the remaining half. Put in the mail. By the time they received the pictures, they were already outdated :)

    So happy I can send pics & videos to my parents all day long while they're at work...even though they only live 30 minutes away :)

  2. I totally understand how hard it is to be far away. And, I am the same exact way about emailing (and texting) tons of pictures.

    I'm so thankful we have ways to stay connected even when miles apart - I couldn't imagine how it was for our parents!

  3. How amazing is technology?! 20 years ago we wouldn't have even imagined that we would be e-mailing consistently, let alone blogging!

    What a great way to keep in touch, I'm sure that each and every e-mail makes your parents day.


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