Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby Talk

Since I'm elbows deep in all things "baby" around these parts, I thought I'd link up today with Becky and share some of my Baby Favorites. And who am I kidding? I'm in MUCH further than just my elbows... 

1. Tell Us Your Favorite Baby Names: 

Unfortunately, as innocent as this question is, it makes me sweat like no other. If you've been reading ILYMTC for any length of time, then you know that each of our boys didn't have a name until very late in my third trimester of pregnancy. And no, that was NOT my idea of a good time. Hello, things need to be monogrammed!

It wasn't easy naming either of the boys. As a matter of fact, I should clarify and say that it wasn't easy for The Husband to agree on any of the amazingly perfect names I had picked out for them. 

After many an ugly cry, I even wrote this post about mourning the very name we ended up choosing for Maclane. I take names very seriously, not that any one doesn't but I take them so seriously that I often lose sleep over them, obsesses over them and spend every waking moment thinking about them. 

It goes without saying that my favorite boys' names are: Carter, Maclane and Crosby.
As far as favorite girls' names go, I only have one: Delaney

2. Show Us Your Dream Nursery: 

Compliments of Pinterest, I've always loved this nursery- the calm, soothing neutral tones, the white furniture, the chair rail, etc. If  you've seen either of the boys' nurseries, then you know they look nothing like this space. Que sera... 

Source: via Cynthia on Pinterest

3. How many children would you like to have? How far apart?

Well, let's see. We have two boys, 23 months apart. I always thought I would be done after two but since having Maclane, I just have this feeling that I'm not done yet. I wrote about that here. Having been 39+ weeks pregnant twice before, however, makes me think three just might be our magic number.

As far as timeline goes? We would like to keep them close together. I miss my sleep. 

4. Tell Us What You Think The Importance Of Parenting Is:

I think it's important to raise your children with awareness. To teach them to be respectful and have a heart for those less fortunate. To teach them patience and to stand up for their beliefs. To keep an open mind. To find beauty in the less beautiful. Above all, to laugh. You can read each of the letters we wrote to our boys here and here. 

5. Show Us Your Favorite Newborn Photo:

This was one of the many newborn pictures that I took of Maclane shortly after we returned home from the hospital. One of the greatest perks of being able to do his pictures myself was that I could spread them out over the first week and could lazily nurse, position, nurse, position, etc. without having a time frame to adhere to!

6. Tell Us Some Things You Promised To Never Do As A Parent (And In This Case, Didn't Stick To):

It's not that I ever promised to never do anything as a parent, it's more so there were things I never saw myself doing as a parent. Things like co-sleeping and not having my babies sleep in their cribs until five months old. Or watching more than an hour of TV per day. Truth be told, the TV is on (mostly as background noise) for much of the afternoon in our house. I'm trying to be better about turning it off so that it doesn't serve as a distraction- but let's be honest, sometimes Mama just needs The Real Housewives or The Kardashians on to remind her how not to parent.  


  1. I keep thinking I only want two but if I'm lucky enough to have another who knows if I'll want to stop after that one! And I love that nursery you picked out.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who leaves the tv on as background noise. I was beginning to feel like a bad parent. Ha. I love your names..and I think you would be a perfect mom of 3!:-)

  3. I swear you and I are twins separated at birth. It's creepy how much your thoughts mirror mine. Although you are much better at articulating them. And also, that nursery is also one of my faves, I pinned it as well and have been kinda using it for inspiration!

  4. Oh my gosh! Thank you for admitting you watch the Kardashians and real housewives when the kids are around. One of the moms groups I am in is having a tv discussion right now and some of their like 1.5 year olds have never watched tv. I don't know what is worse having bachelor pad on with Chase running around or letting him watch mmc but I totally didn't admit that I watch teen mom with my 16 month old!

  5. AP thanks for being real! I haven't read back far enough, are you a Maryland transplant from Jersey? I'm a MD girl (Frederick county) but my husband and I built our home in Charles Town, WV. My girls are just under 26 months apart - Abigail May 2010, Emily July 2012. I'm a fellow housewives and katdashian watcher, while breast feeding and drinking beer. :)

  6. as always - love your honesty. And that picture. And that nursery.

  7. I am right there with you on the name game stuff :) I love love each of your names.
    Crosby is my SIL's dog's name and Truth be told, while I was pregnant I discovered that different neighbors had dogs with the very SAME NAMES for 2/3 of my kids. Perhaps we are in for a Crosby next?? haha
    I have a similar new born photo of my son and I'm so In Love with it!


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