Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fun In The Tub, Thanks To Nuby!

Around here, we're firm believers in that fact that you can never, ever have enough bath toys. From foam letters to squirting boats to kitchen measuring cups, Carter has bathed and played with them all. 

Recently our fine friends at Nuby sent us the Fish Swoosh Bathtime Playset to review. An easy-to-assemble and easy-to-affix BPA-free hoop and net that encourages and cultivates both motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Any time we can encourage learning and play simultaneously is a win-win in this mom's book! 

Carter absolutely loves his Fish Swoosh Bathtime Playset and each night as we begin to the run the water for his bath, he immediately starts asking to play, "Fish Ball? Fish Ball?" 

This toy easily affixes to the shower walls with a sturdy suction cup that withstands toddler play. When he's not tossing and dunking his fish, Carter loves to fill them with water and squirt them both at himself and his parents. 

Aside from the bright colors and bath time fun it provides, one of my favorite features is the cinch-sack tie at the bottom of the net allowing easy storage of the fish!

Thanks, again, Nuby for creating another safe and fantastic toy that melds learning with fun! 


  1. Too crazy...I just bought C something very similar to this yesterday. I hadn't bought him bath toys in months so he needed something new and fun, I went crazy and bought 4 different things but this was one of them and he loves it!!

  2. we got these as a bday gift for P a while back and she LOVES them.


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