Friday, September 21, 2012

Capturing The Sillies.

It's no secret that my camera is always within arm's reach. 

Sadly, Carter is at the age where he is cognizant of this and many times, will unabashedly yell "no!" and turn and hide his face as I reach for my camera.

As a mother and a photographer this presents quite a conundrum. As much as I try to be respectful of my toddler's wishes, my mom heart screams "savor these moments, capture them forever, you'll never get them back again" all the while he is screaming, "no! no cheese! no, ma!" and runs for the hills. 

Now, I'm all for preserving sacred family memories but as I was sitting down to dinner with Carter earlier this week, who was going to town on some fish sticks and ketchup (more ketchup, less fish sticks), I found myself intently studying him. Studying the oval shape of his face, how he scraped the ketchup from off his bottom lip with his top four teeth, how animated he became when eating supper. 

Normally during this hour of the day I'm scrambling around like a mad woman trying to straighten up the house before The Husband comes home, making sure the baby is bathed, the dishwasher emptied and The Toddler fed. Most days, I miss the tiny details of this hour. I miss how animated The Toddler becomes while eating his ordinary supper. 

So? I grabbed my camera. And I'm so glad I did.


  1. DANG IT! He is precious! His little face is just so perfect! So little boy now. I'm glad you caught these moments! They are priceless!

  2. I'm glad you grabbed your camera too! Love the pics and LOVE his curls!

  3. These are SO great! It's hard to get pictures of them once they start running faster than us right?!

  4. So sweet! I need to remember to keep my camera at the ready. You never know when these moments are going to strike!

  5. Lo hates pictures now too. I hate that he hates pictures. And he hates that I hate that he hates pictures.

  6. If you haven't tried you should!

  7. What great pics!! He has such a sweet face! We just had fish sticks last night and they definitely weren't nearly as tasty as Rhys just scooping the honey mustard directly into his mouth, sans fish stick.

  8. Ahhh little boy faces are the best. Quinn makes so many that I just want to make a flip book!

  9. I'm dreading the moment that P can say "no" to me.
    For now every time she sees the camera she leans in and cheeses it up :)


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