Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tired Eyes? :: A Mary Kay Giveaway AND Discount Offer!

Oh, hey there, Loyals! It's me, the almost Birthday Girl. I hope you're enjoying this week's string of giveaways in honor of my 29th birthday. Many thanks to each of the Moms who graciously offered products- this week wouldn't have been possible without them! 

I wanted to say a quick "thanks" and remind you that I'll be back tomorrow with my own personal giveaway. I'll be custom creating a May Books Planner for one very lucky Loyal. That's right- you heard me. I'LL BE CREATING THE LOOK, YOU GET THE BOOK! Don't worry, it won't suck.  I may also throw in a Starbucks gift card. I know how you all fiend for Pumpkin Spice Lattes this time of year.

I'm also launching a pretty fun link-up on Monday, September 17th. It's called "Project Pinterest" and you'll soon be able to snag the link-up button over there in my sidebar. Long story short, I'm guilty of lot's of Pinning Pinning Pinning and much less Doing, Doing, Doing. This link-up with encourage you to pick ONE PIN EACH WEEK to wear, bake, make, or decorate and share it on your blog. Once you do, come back and link-up your post with me! 

I'll be picking one pin to tackle each week and sharing it on every Monday. I'll also be pinning each and every post that links up!   Be there or be square! Now, onto the good stuff.. Jaime, take it away!

I'm Jaime Nash. Wife to Brian, Mom to Gloria Grace. I'm a Marketing Maven by day, and a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I'm working toward making a full-timer career with Mary Kay - I'm currently a Director in Qualification!

I blog(ged) sporadically, but am trying to get my groove back. ( More often, I'm on twitter ( and instagram (@jaimewellsnash).  

I love Mary Kay products (they're great for even my finicky skin!), the prices (less expensive than department store brands - but still AMAZING quality!), and the promise of 100% satisfaction. The opportunity to be a consultant is also great way to make a little extra spending money in your spare time, or if you're like me - to work toward having a full-time career that works with your schedule. 

The skin care lines are perfect for any type of skin. And you can try all the products - skincare and color! - before you actually purchase them. 

To celebrate AP's big 2-9, I'm giving away a big ol' basket full of goodies to help tired eyes wake up! The basket includes:
What if you don't win? No worries! You can still get a bargain in honor of Birthday Week at ILYMTC! You can purchase this set ($77 retail) for only $55. And you can get a 15% discount off any other goodies you purchase when you mention ILYMTC when you order!

Check out my website, email me (, or tweet me ( to set up a consultation. You can also like me on facebook! ( I can work with you no matter where you live, so give me a shout. 

Good luck and be sure to use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!
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  1. LOVING your pinterest link-up. Will have to join in on that. I am also guilty of pinning and never doing.

  2. I am sooo excited for your link up love! I am hoping to actually complete the things I pin as well! And I adore the new look!! xoxo


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