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Project Pinterest :: Burlap Coat Hanger Wreath :: $10 DIY

Oh, hi! Welcome to week one of Project Pinterest, the weekly link-up hosted by yours truly in which I encourage you to choose ONE pin EACH week from your Pinterest Pin Board to make, bake, create or decorate, blog about and then return here to link-up and share it! 

If you're anything like me, you spend hours pin, pin, pinning away and much less time actually doing the pins. Hopefully this weekly link-up changes that! 

At the end of this post you'll find the weekly link-up button. Be sure to grab the HTML code below it and embed it in your post before linking up! Don't forget, I will be pinning each post that links up with me to my Project Pinterest pin board!

Today I'm sharing with you my version of this pin that I stumbled across late one night while, you guessed it, perusing Pinterest.

What You'll Need: 

3 Yards of Burlap
1 Wire Coat Hanger
Ribbon/Lace of your choosing
Hot Glue Gun
2 Glue Sticks
Floral Wire

What You'll Do: 

Start by twisting open your wire hanger. You'll want to leave the "hook" side bent so that you can easily hang it later on and form it into a circle. 


Next, cut ALL of your burlap into 3-4" wide strips. You don't necessarily need to measure, just eyeball.  And yes, you will use all of your 3 yards. 

Take each strip of burlap and fold it back and forth, all while pinching the center, to form your "ruffles."

Continue to pinch the center as you feed your burlap onto the straight end of your coat hanger. The hanger should pierce 2 "ruffles" at a time. 

As you continue to fold your burlap and slide it onto the hanger, be sure to slide each section of burlap around to the other side of the hanger. 

Continue folding your burlap and adding it to the hanger until you've used up every last strip of burlap. 

The next part gets a bit tricky. Now you'll want to close your hanger. If you have a pair of pliers handy, you can certainly wind the hanger back around itself. I hooked the straight end of my hanger around the base of the hooked end and secured it with floral wire. 

Use your hot glue gun to randomly glue folds of the burlap together to prevent them from sliding all around the wreath. At this time, you can also evenly distribute your burlap around the hanger so that it doesn't become top heavy and form a more "egg" shape than your wreath shape. 

As a little something extra, I formed a pretty little bow from lace trim and use the floral wire to secure it to the burlap. Using the floral wire allows me to change it out with different ribbons/embellishments depending on the holiday or season. 

You can see in the picture below that some of my burlap folds are "fold in" while others face "loop in." Once you have all of your burlap on the hanger and the hanger is closed, you can twist and tug at your burlap to give it this "twist and go" appearance. 

Once done, hang your wreath from your door hanger using the hanger hook! Again, take a step back and redistribute any burlap pieces that don't look "just right" to you! 

I also wonder how long these projects take and that's why I always disclose how much time I spent on them. This project took about an hour and fifteen minutes from start to finish. In terms of cost, all I had to purchase was 3 yards of burlap at $8.79.

So, what have you been "pin-spired" to create lately? 
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  1. I LOVE this wreath! You did a great job. I'm excited to be attempting this Pinterest challenge as well! Thanks for hosting!

  2. That looks fabulous!!! I love it and I'm sooo excited about this link up!!

  3. This is super cute! I think I could even handle making that! And? I was just telling J we needed a new wreath! We're currently rocking the balloon wreath, from KP's bday, over a month ago...

  4. LOVE the wreath!!! Now I want to make one!! ;)

  5. I love your wreath. I may have to try it!

  6. Love your wreath! I'll have to try making this soon.

    What a great link-up! I foresee extra trips to Michael's in my future.

  7. Looks great! A perfect 'nap time' project :)

  8. Cute! I made a similar burlap wreath last spring after seeing it on pinterest :)

    I love this idea, to do the challenge, and I need to do it too! I'll have to link up, as I have made a few recipes I found there.

  9. I do a "Make it Monday" every week to force myself to not let those gazillion pins go to waste! Love your wreath, but then again I love anything with burlap. :)

  10. LOVE your wreath! Thanks for the linkup!

  11. I love this! I ordered the supplies for my craft, so hopefully I'll have one to link up next week. :)

  12. I LOVE this wreath!!! You did an awesome job mama!!!

    I've seen it done with the huge burlap ribbon from Michael's too! (Easier? Maybe more $$ though!!)

    Thanks so much for doing this link up! This is the first time I've blogged in ages!!!

  13. Your wreath looks awesome mama!!!

    I have also seen where you can use the thick burlap rolls from michaels - but I think that would definitely end up being a little more pricey!!

    Thanks so much for doing this link up - it's so fun!!! :)

  14. 1) this looks amazing!! You are fabulous! And 2) I will be linking up tonight because this is a great link up! Xo

  15. I love that!! such a sucker for burlap, but honestly I do not think my non crafty self could duplicate!

  16. I will DEFINITELY be linking up next week ... hopefully it will keep me accountable to do some things I've pinned!

  17. Love this and love the link-up. Next week I hope I can get my shit together for the link-up!

  18. I'm so excited to link up with you for this! I've admired your blog from afar for a while now and I love how creative you are! This wreath is beautiful! I can't wait to see what you come up with next week. :)

  19. This is amazing!! I wish I was crafty. Everything I try from pinterest is a huge fail. I keep trying though, because I am martha stewart in my head.

  20. My daughter just sent me the Pinterest special hand-shake, secret-code invite that one must have to join this elite club.

  21. i love this wreath!! and i love that it actually looks doable without spending forever on it! i might have to try it as it's hard to find something that looks nice up against my white door.


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