Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Three Rugs In Three Months And A Sneak Peek Of My Kitchen!

It all started when I began decorating Maclane's nursery last summer. I ordered this round shag rug shortly after I decided on his crib bedding and as soon as it arrived I was in love. It was the perfect addition to his whimsical orange, grey and navy nursery. I wasn't the only one who loved it, however. His big brother Carter loved the rug so much that I went ahead and ordered a second, only rectangular in shape, for his room. It fit in perfectly with his preppy khaki/blue big boy room and each of these rugs is perfect for laying on and reading storybooks. They are so soft! There is definitely something to be said for the versatility of this rug. You can't go wrong with shag!  

I would be lying if I said I didn't also use these rugs are props in my photography business. 

A few months ago, I got the itch to decorate again, only this time I focused my energies on the playroom. As we began planning a set of built-in's and a cozy little corner reading nook, I knew I would need a rug to put the finishing touches on the space. Immediately I turned to RugsUSA and ordered this round chevron rug in black and white. Once again, I was so pleased with it once it arrived. 

Last month, I decided to tackle the kitchen but became sidetracked when I fell in love with this rug for the dining room. RugsUSA is always having fantastic promotion sales so when their 50% off Valentines Day sale rolled around, I didn't waste a minute ordering this beauty. 

And that's when I decided that the cream colored rug in the kitchen had to go. I know what you're thinking. I'm a brave soul for keeping a rug in the kitchen but it adds such character to the room that I can't help myself. Thankfully, the cream rug had been re-purposed from another room in the house and had seen much better days, as I'm not that crazy that I would buy a brand new cream rug and plop it down in the kitchen. Not to mention that my cabinets are cream. Hello, cream overload! 

I turned to RugsUSA and days later this beauty showed up on my doorstep. Without a doubt I think this is my favorite rug in my entire house. The Tuscan Moroccan Trellis rug looks phenomenal in my kitchen, if I do say so myself, and with a variety of colors to choose from, this rug would be the perfect complimentary pieces to any room in the house! 

100% wool and handhooked, it's so thick and comfortable to stand on. The boys love playing on it and it serves as the perfect race car track for the Toddler and his myriad of Hot Wheels. I will say this rug does shed fibers! I've broken out the vacuum multiple times in the last couple of days and just when I think I've vacuumed enough, I'll notice more in the nooks and crannies of the kitchen. However, this rug is in a fairly high-traffic spot in our house which is partly to blame. 

Planning a little girl's nursery or big girl room? How sweet is this rug in pink? And I just adore how it looks in Navy. Maybe one day when I don't have sticky little fingers in my house, I'll be able to pair it with a white chaise lounge like you see in the picture. 

Rugs USA Homespun Moroccan Trellis Spa Blue RugRugs USA Homespun Moroccan Trellis Spa Blue Rug

I love this rug so much that I may or may not have contemplated buying another one for the living room.

I think it goes without saying but I really do love RugsUSA. Between their quality products, fantastic customer service, promotions you can't miss and constant free shipping deals, you cannot go wrong placing an order with them. 

Here are my current top picks and a few rugs that I've had my eye on these last few days. I'm fairly certain my husband will disown me if I bring another rug into the house in 2013 but no one ever said I couldn't live vicariously through my readers out there, no? 

Can you tell I have a "thing" for grey, navy and cream? Welcome to the first floor of my house. 

If you're in the market for a new rug, looking to do a little redecorating or maybe you've just grown tired of the same old same old and find yourself looking for an inexpensive way to freshen up a room, consider RugsUSA and their incredible selection of rugs. Shipping is always free in the United States and there is rarely a shortage of discounts! Happy Shopping! 

Thank you, RugsUSA, for providing me with the Moroccan Trellis Rug in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions. I did not receive monetary compensation for this post and all thoughts expressed above are entirely my own. 


  1. Is the rug that you bought for your boy's rooms soft? I've been looking at that rug for our master bedroom. I have now ordered 2 rugs from rugsusa, but I haven't opened them yet. We are moving in 2 weeks

  2. I can't wait until mine gets here. The carpet in my living room gives me a serious case of the sads.

  3. I wanted to order a large orange shag run for Sawyer's big boy room, but they are out of stock. And I only want to buy it if I get 50% off and free shipping, so I'm not sure if they offer that deal regularly that I can check back and get it later?

  4. Oh! The kitchen looks great! I love it! I LOVE the cream color cabinets! They are my fave! That rug is amazing! unfortunately, the weiner dog at our house thinks rugs are for we are rug-less. Dang Kirby. What color is your granite? It looks similar to what we chose...we went with Gialo Ornamental...pretty nutral with a cream color matte subway tile! LOVE!!!!!!!

  5. OH my gosh I love that rug.. looks great!!!!!

  6. That's the EXACT rug I had my eye on for my living room at Christmas... I ended up going with two smaller ones, but ohmygod... I love that rug.

  7. I ordered the light blue chevron one for my bathroom makeover and it was only $36! Sweet!!! Thanks for the 50% off/free shipping heads up. I was a little upset because I tried to order 3 other ones but they were all out of stock. :-(

  8. I love your rugs, BUT I would really love to see these pink cabinets you speak of.

    I love a good kitchen makeover.

  9. The trellis rug looks amazing in your kitchen! I absolutely love that rug design. I've been going back and forth to decide what color of that rug I need for my family room. I really wanted one that was a true gray or at least a gray with taupe undertones. I ended up ordering the "tan" rug over the "charcoal" rug based on the reviews. However, yours looks very gray in your pictures. Is it the spa blue? Does it look more gray or blue to you? Thanks!

  10. Love the trellis rug in your kitchen! Would you describe it as gray or blue? I need a gray/cream rug (can have taupe undertones, but no blue). I've been looking at this rug or the same one in "tan" or "charcoal". WDYT?

  11. Corinne, it's tricky! It could definitely pass as a grey-blue. It's the spa blue color and I actually have it in a different room now with two charcoal grey couches and it's a great compliment to them. It looks a bit more light blue in that room but in the kitchen, against the cream cabinets, it looks more grey!


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