Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pastels, Neon, Stripes & Dots {Spring Fashion Loves For Moms and Babies}

I may or may not be going out on a limb here but I'm fairly certain that this year's Spring fashion trends involve a little or a lot of the following: neon, prints and pastels. Every where you turn there are polka dots and strips mixed with mint green, lavender and butter yellow. Throw in a few bold floral patterns and I think it's safe to say you found my closet.

I absolutely love these soft colors and although I'm drawn toward mixing them with patterns that make me resemble an Easter egg, I can't help but start to fill my online shopping carts with a few new Spring pretties. 

What's more? It's not just grown up clothes that have fallen victim to the pastel and prints trend. There's so much out there for the littles and kidlets in your life too! Needless to say I'm not above dressing Carter in pink and Maclane in mint. Real men wear pastels, too!

Spring Pastels

Mini Boden Pastels

Boden 2

Pastel Baby

Does anyone else wish that babyGAP sold some of their clothes in adult sizes too? That lavender and mint polka dot pleated dress in a size 6, please and thank you! 

So, what's in your carts lately?



  1. Ummmm...mama you and I are on the same wavelength here- I just told the hubs that his bonus that comes next Friday will promptly be spent on these items to stock up my closet with these new favs! And YES real men wear pastels- I even made sure Andrew's pale pink shirt was pressed by the cleaners for today and he has one pink tie to go with it from one of the girls' christenings :) Happy Valentine's Day to our fav MD valentines! xo

  2. I love pastels, but sadly there aren't many that look attractive with my complexion- I'm a clear spring (thanks color me beautiful!) so I work better with jewel tones!

    But I do love all of the emerald and mint green all over! and I LOVE that blue dress at the top of this post- where is it from? :)

  3. I totally agree that real men wear pastels. My husband and boys both do!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  4. Can I please have this all?!?! I am in LOVE with everything that I have seen for Spring/Summer so far! I have a feeling that's not going to be good for the budget but it will sure make me happy!! :) And I so wish I was one of those people that could fit into some of the girl stuff at gap kids! I love it all!!

  5. The neon is killing me! I refuse to re-visit this trend. Yes, I'm old enough to have lived through the first time it was trendy. I walk at the mall 3 times a week with another mom and all the neon in the store windows is just awful! The pastels are ok but the styles of the clothing is also a re-visit from another generation that I just can't get in to. Ok, now I feel REALLY old.


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