Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY Spring Wreath, Sort of.

I know what you're thinking. Valentine's Day isn't even upon us yet and here I am sharing an easy DIY Spring wreath. What's wrong with me? Well, Mother Nature has been one big tease lately throwing 60* temps in the midst of our frigid winter season which has had me yearning for bright blooms and Spring-like weather. Not to mention that I may or may not have already started shopping for the books and puzzles that will fill the boy's Easter baskets this year. 

As I started pulling out the Easter decor, I noticed that I didn't have a coordinating wreath for our front door. I knew I wanted to DIY a little something pretty for the holiday but I also knew I didn't want to make it specific to Easter with the hope that I could keep it up for a few weeks longer. I came across these two pins and knew exactly what I wanted to do. Well, sort of.

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

Now that I'm seeing picture after picture of this wreath after spending a couple of hours working on it this afternoon, I suddenly want to jump up and add more moss to it and that's precisely what I will probably spend the boys' nap time doing tomorrow. But until then, here's an easy little DIY for your own Spring wreath. 

What You'll Need: 

1 medium Twig Wreath form, $4.99 at Michaels
1 small roll of burlap fabric, $2.99 at Michaels
2 bags of Ashland Moss, $12 at Michaels
2 bags of plastic multi-color/multi-size Easter eggs, $10 Michaels
1 can spray paint, Robins Egg blue or Ocean Breeze, $7
Hot Glue Gun
8-10 Glue Sticks

What You'll Do:

Start by laying out your plastic eggs and spray painting them. Allow them to dry thoroughly before attempting to glue them to the wreath (about two hours). 

Lay your wreath on a flat surface and begin gluing down sections of moss, large chunks at a time. You could probably use floral wire to wrap the moss around the wreath but I don't have the patience for that. 

Once dry, begin gluing down your eggs. Step back and fill in any sparse spaces with moss. 

Cut a small strip of burlap and fashion a little hanging loop at the top. I also made a simple little bow from the burlap by folding each of the sides of burlap into the middle, pinching the middle together from the top and bottom of the burlap and wrapping it with twine.  I then cut two strips of burlap for the "tails" of the bow and hot glued them to the wreath piece by piece. 

See? I told you it was easy. 

i love you more than carrots

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  1. Pretty! You have inspired me to get crafty.

  2. Thanks for hosting...I am a long time reader linking up for the first time!


  3. This is adorable! My sister is very crafty and made burlap wreaths with different holiday decor for Christmas. This is a great way to tie the same idea into spring/Easter. I will have to share with her.


  4. Okay, I need to start getting in on this link-up so that I get some projects done around the house. You are seriously rocking the crafts lately!!

  5. Love this wreath!! Weekend project here I com!!


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