Wednesday, February 13, 2013

See Mom? I Do Fun Things.

My mother is always asking me "What did you do with Carter today?" " Did you read him books? "Sing him songs?" "Take him here?" as if I wouldn't or don't do these things with him. As if I just sit him down in front of the TV day in and day out and let Super Why teach him. 

My mother makes me laugh. 

I know she means no harm with these questions. It's just that she was so incredible when it came to stimulating, engaging and cultivating both my brother and me that she sets the bar rather high. Not to mention that my brother and I were basically born a lifetime eight years apart so she was able to spend quite a chunk of quality time with each of us one-on-one without having to drag the other one along.

Although if you ask my brother, he would say he never got to do anything fun and I was always the more-loved child. Oh, brother.

Growing up, we were always taking field trips to museums, fairs and science centers. Our days at home were chock full of arts and crafts, make believe and imaginative play. Play-doh at the kitchen table, painting hour at the easel. Shrinky dinks, clay building, any craft involving glue, you name it and we probably did it. 

And that's before my mother became my Brownie Troupe leader. Once that happened? The field trips, the games, the crafts only amplified themselves. 

It goes without saying that I could never, would never ever, think to say that my childhood was boring. It was anything but. 

And I want my boys to grow up thinking the same. 

Now, whenever I take the boys somewhere fun or I'm engaging Carter in a super fun activity at home, I make sure to call my mama or text her a picture as proof that I "really do fun things with my kids." 

In reality, I'm letting her know that she did me well. I learned from the best. 

So when I set Carter up for a little cookie-baking session in the kitchen, I couldn't help but laugh and think to myself, "see mom? I do fun things!" And even though his attention span for participating in the activity was nothing short of four and a half minutes, it's four and a half minutes I'll always remember. 

His favorite part? Whisking, of course. See Mom? I do fun things. 


  1. and this is why i am so thankful that daycare does all this for me lol (yes, im a brat)

  2. It's a bit harder to do fun things with a baby. I do a lot less with a baby in the house than I did before, but I'm sure that will change as he gets a little older. I'm also relying on extra-curriculars to fill that class, etc.

  3. I miss out on doing these fun things. though daycare does do a good job of projects and playgroups galore. I mean who else does finger painting with an 8 month old. At least they have tile floors, I have white carpet! I do enjoy lots of other crafties on my days off, but mostly just lots of dancing and snuggling:)

  4. Super Why has thee WORST theme song.

  5. That's so fun that your mom always did all kinds of activities with you and your brother and that you do the same with your kids! Growing up, my parents were always working and didn't have much time for things like that. Good for you!

  6. That's such a cute photo of Carter! :) I was lucky to have two parents who also always made sure we did fun things and had one-on-one time with each of them. I'm sure my mom will be just like yours when the time comes for kiddos of my own. It's what mom's do.

  7. LOL! I am the same way. It's like, if I didn't tweet it, did it really happen?? :)

  8. My mom asks the same thing ALL THE TIME!!!! You and I are the same way and I love how C baked and Kelsey did yesterday! It's hard entertaining two kids- especially for you- nursing one and trying to play with C- you deserve a gold medal love!

  9. I love it! :-) And what beautiful photos!

  10. I am so behind in reading blogs, as evidenced by my crazy late comment to this party but whoa nelly - this is like a page out of my life! My mom is so into this stuff (and, Super Why is teaching my child as I read blogs... tee hee), coupled with "He really likes singing," "He loves being read to." I'm also convinced she thinks I don't do fun activities. So whenever we do, I make a big deal of it with her and send "evidence" photos ;-) I kind of suck at doing fun activities, so I have to document them somehow!


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