Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mac Allen :: Month Seven

Dear Mackie, 

For the love, sweet boy! Slow it on down, why dontchya! I cannot believe that I am sitting here writing out your seven month update, no less than two weeks from your 8 month birthday to boot. Six months came and went in the blink of an eye and if I have to hold my eyelids open to keep from blinking and watching the next six months fly by, mark my words I will do it! 

At your 7 month well-check you weighed 22lbs. and measured 29.75 inches in height putting you in the 97th percentile for height and 89th percentile for weight. You weigh two more pounds than your brother did at this age and you're only 1/4th an inch shorter. You're wearing size 4 diapers and 12 to 12-18 month clothes. Some of your 12 month sleepers are getting a bit snug but I refuse to put you in 18 month clothes. YOU ARE STILL A LITTLE BABY, YOU HEAR ME?
You are certainly giving everyone in our family a run for their money this month, Maclane and if your feisty little personality is any indication of the years to come, your brother is in for a world of surprise. 

You've always been enamored by Carter. The minute he enters a room your attention immediately turns to him and it's as if the rest of us don't even exist. This has only amplified itself in the last few weeks, as your obsession with him (and his things) has grown immensely. You love to push your brothers buttons by trying to grab anything and everything he is playing with. He is learning patience at your hands, Maclane so please go easy on him! When he does take his toys away from you, you grunt and shriek and yell letting everyone around you know how displeased you are. 
Thank goodness you're not yet mobile. I don't think Carter will know what hits him the day you start crawling after him! I know this day is right around the corner as you've been getting up and rocking on all fours throughout our days. You get so frustrated with yourself as you can't quite coordinate your little knees to carry you forward and have even made yourself cry on an occasion or two. You have, however, mastered the army crawl and roll and are especially adept at scooting yourself in circles on the floor. 

You've mastered sitting up now and will catch yourself when you start to tumble. A few times I've caught you pushing yourself up to a sitting position from the floor but it hasn't become a regular occurrence. 

At your request we packed up your baby swing this month as well as both of your bouncy seats. You absolutely detest sitting in them for any period of time and didn't hesitate to let us know. If you're sleepy enough, you will lounge in your Nap Nanny but only if you're on the verge of sleep and tucked in with a blanket. 

Speaking of sleep, you're still in Mommy and Daddy's bed. You were doing great, only waking once over night to eat but lately you've started waking up a few times over night to eat and I have a feeling it's because you're in bed with us. 

Amended as of today: At 7 and a half months, you spent your first night in your crib and slept the whole entire night from 9pm to 6am. I woke up in a panic at 6am when I realized I hadn't heard a peep from you the whole entire night, rushed into the nursery and found you laying in there on your back just chattering away. 

As for eating, you have absolutely zero interest in anything but your mama's milk. As much as I appreciate this, I'm not used to having a baby that doesn't gobble everything in sight. You've turned your nose up at apples, pears, sweet potato, sweet peas and bananas. I've steamed, pureed, cubed, baby led weaned and even attempted feeding you with the mesh feeder. You're just not a fan. Later this month we'll try a little yogurt and see where that takes us but give you a Mum-Mum or a handful of Puffs and you'll go to town. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, Mackie. 

We've ditched the idea of getting you to take a bottle and have moved full throttle to trying to get you to take a sippy cup of milk. I swear I keep the bottle/sippy cup industry in business. There should really be some sort of co-op that lets you rent cups before you buy them. Either that or you babies should start coming with a manual. 
As for sippy cups? You don't love them and you don't hate them either. You prefer to gnaw on them rather than drink from them but I'm hoping this will just come in time. And by time, I mean you have until Mommy leave for Dallas at the end of March to get it down. 

We've ditched trying to get you to take a pacifier as well. Que sera sera, my friend.

You've started making a new face this month as seen in the above picture and it's hands down my favorite face ever. You even kind of snort like a bulldog. 

We're looking forward to moving you on up to the convertible Britax this month. I can't wait to look in my rear view mirror and see my two big boys and their cowmooflauge seats! Your brother will be upgrading to a brand new Britax Frontier and you'll be moving on up to his Marathon 70. 

You love to sit and play with your brother even though he may not always share the same sentiment. He really is sweet with you though and I love watching the two of you grow to love each other each just a little bit more each month. You love your blocks, your ZanyZoo, your Sophie giraffe, board books, Mommy's spatulas from the kitchen and your brother's Melissa and Doug wooden animals. 

Nicknames: Mackie, MacAttack, MacAttackers, Bicky, Doodlebop, Smackers. I swear we really do call you Maclane... 

Maclane, you are the happiest baby. You really, really are. Strangers, family and friends alike cannot get over how mellow and go-with-the-flow you are. You love to people watch and are constantly analyzing the people and things around you. You laugh, you giggle and babble, you wave your hands. 

You are pure delight. Thank you for being a joy and light in our lives! 

We love you more than carrots! 


  1. He's adorable!

    The sippy cup co-op is a great idea! I've bought nearly every kind imaginable and still haven't found one my little man loves for milk. Ugh! At this rate, I could've bought myself a nice pair of maternity jeans or 3 months worth of Starbucks.

  2. He is so cute! My little man is 8 months and HATES sippy cups, isn't it so funny how different they all are!

  3. You have no idea how much I heart this kid and I love that I started following you shortly after he was born...seriously LOVE seeing him grow!

  4. He's just so handsome. His expressions crack me up!

  5. That little face is just too cute!

  6. I can't get enough of him and those faces. btw - isn't it funny (not really) how you can spend the whole time complaining (ok maybe I complain, maybe you don't mind) about waking up in the middle of the night with the baby and then as soon as they start sleeping all night you're up half the night wondering why they're not up??

  7. He seriously is so adorable! I can't believe he's already 7 months. Happy 7 months baby Mac!

  8. Our LO stopped taking the bottle and paci at 10 been trying to introduce the cup too as the boobs would like a bit of a break!

  9. He is so sweet. Violet makes one of those scrunched up faces and snorts, melts my heart evey time!

  10. I cannot BELIEVE how fast these babies are growing up! Hold me! Your's is 7 months, mine is 8 months!!! Same thing, no sippy no bottle no pacifer... Still working on a sippy preference. Out of a glass like mommmy - no problem though only HALF of it gets INTO her mouth!

  11. What a sweet little mush! Love his expressions. :)

  12. What a little mush! Love his facial expressions. :)

  13. What a sweet little mush! Love his expressions. :)

  14. I cant believe he's already 7 months old. He is adorable and I love the picture of him with the scrunchy nose

  15. He slept in his crib last night, ALL NIGHT? Hooray for Mac!!! How did YOU do, mama??

    I just love his "snort-like-a-bulldog" face. LOVE!! Happy 7 Months!


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