Monday, February 18, 2013

The He-Man Bottle Haters Club.

It's no secret that I have a bottler-hater. After eight months of experimenting with just about every bottle on the market, I resigned myself to the fact that I just happen to have a baby that hates bottles. 

Regardless, the kid needs to learn to drink from something other than me. I took a few days off from The Great Bottle Experiment of 2012 and dove head first into The Great Sippy Cup Search of 2013. 

Most recently, we discovered the 4-in-one Convert A Cup by Nuby. One of the things I love most about this cup is that the spout and O-ring are one piece. Not only are they one piece but they are also made of soft, pliable BPA-free material making it easy to drink from, remove, clean and reattach. 

Maclane first used this cup with the handles attached. He picked up the motions almost immediately and although he doesn't necessarily "drink" from the cup, he does gnaw on the spout which is closer than we've ever come before to drinking from something other than me.

After a few uses, I removed the handles and with it's countoured easy-to-grasp shape, he was able to pick it up in no time. 

With it's fourth and final conversion to a standard open-top cup, even my toddler loves using it at mealtimes. 

Although he still prefers to drink "straight from the tap," I really love the look and feel of this cup and hope that it quickly becomes one of the baby's favorites. Not to mention that it has already withstood the real babyproof test which involves repeatedly hurling it from the highchair onto the wooden floor over and over and over again and passed with flying colors. 

No-Spill™ Convert-a-cup

Want to get your hands on one? Visit Amazon, BabyEarth and Target retailers! 

Disclosure: As an official member of the Nuby panel of Mommy Bloggers, I was provided this product for free in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions as were expressed above. I did not receive financial compensation for this post. I 


  1. So will he drink? What's the plan when you go to Dallas? Eat or starve, Mac? ;) My brother wouldn't take a bottle when he was a baby until my mom was gone and my grandma had no other options, it just worked!

  2. my daughter wont take a bottle either!! I tried them all...I'll check out that sippy as i've purchased others that seem to be nothing more than a toy. BTW....i bought the silicone food thing you recommended and we LOVE IT!

  3. Is this is new release? My Target doesn't have them yet. :(

  4. Elise, Boo! It must be. I pulled it off the Nuby spec sheet (where the cups are available) and I just hopped online to Target's website and I can't even find them there. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like they're mistaken.. I'll go ahead and take that down! Here they are on Amazon..

  5. So did the sippy cup leak after being hurled onto the kitchen floor? This seems to be my issue as the sippy cups are hurled many, many times a day.

  6. Yes, I am curious too if Mac will drink milk out of a sippy! So far I am having NO luck AT ALL with anything other than "the tap". I am gone ALL day long and she just holds out (no matter HOW LONG I am gone) then I feel like I am starving her. She is happy just refuses to eat or drink ANYTHING for ANYONE other than mommy. I love that she loves me but common you have to EAT :) What is your plan for Dallas? Is your husband staying with the kids? Are you bringing Mac with you? I have a work trip coming up and it looks like the nugget and a babysitter will be coming with me! to hang out in the hotel while I am working (yes it is that bad).

  7. Can I just say that I love this title! I let my class watch Little Rascals every year. It's the best and you can't help but love the He-Man Women Haters Club :)


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