Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 Fabulous Thrifted {Furniture} Makeovers

Say that five times fast, why don'tchya? 

I've never been a "thrifty" kind of gal. Blame it on a combination of not knowing where to look and not quite being able to jump aboard the "but you don't know where it came from" wagon, it wasn't ever something I was interested in. 

That is, until I started connecting with some incredible DIY and design bloggers and browsed through the couple of hundred posts that linked up with the nine of us for the "Thrift It" portion of the Dog Days {of Winter} Are Over Project Challenge. 

Now? I want to THRIFT ALL THE THINGS! In all seriousness, I really do. I have made more trips to our local Goodwill in the last three weeks than I ever have in my entire life. What's more? I've even started mapping out local antique fairs and secondhand shops. 

I blame each and every single one of you and your pretty little cans of Annie Sloan paint. 

I wanted to take today to highlight a handful of fabulous thrifted furniture makeovers that were showcased during our linkup. I would absolutely make room in my house for any single one of these pieces. Can you tell I have a thing for mint and grey? 

First up is this gorgeous turquoise dresser featured over at Restoration Redoux. Shanna did an excellent job transforming this piece from the dark and dingy dresser it once was! 

Next, is that bright little pop of color you see down in the corner there. A beautiful little red table compliments of Painting Sunny. I just love the bold color and the personality it adds to any room!

How can you not love this pretty little minty end table? I just adore the girly touches Wendy from Sometimes Twice... added with the stencil on top and the pink glass knobs! 

I am just in love with this refinished dining set from Desiree and Camelot Art Creations. I just can't believe she pulled this set from a dumpster! See, I would not have that kind of luck! From the blue wood chairs to the linen fabric to how she refinished and distressed the tabletop perfectly- I just love it all!

Desiree also refinished this beautiful Craigslist desk find and I have to give her major kudos for HAND-PAINTING the French script on the top of the desk! It totally makes the piece. 

Don't you feel inspired now to get your thrift on? I know I do. Be sure to follow along with the Dog Days {of Winter} Are Over Pinterest board to see these projects and more featured from our link up party! 


  1. That dresser is gorgeous!! Love it! I am also loving that red table. Hmmm...I have a smaller table that I think I may paint red next week. Oh goodness! I prob should not have read this post. Goodwill store here I come! I just hope that I can find some good stuff. I usually don't have much luck!

  2. I love thrifting! I've been wanting to get into the thrifting of furniture and redoing it like in these. I'm hoping to start that soon!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my mint dresser! I really appreciate it!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my little red table! Blog love :) I love seeing the other items featured too... That mint dresser is gorgeous.

  5. Amazing what a little paint can do!


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