Sunday, August 30, 2009

Never Have I Felt So Intimidated...

by a piece of technology.

Remember this post? The one where I blogged about wanting a new phone solely for the purposes of checking my email and blogging? Well, my friends? Ask and ye shall receive. My wonderful, gracious (and insanely technologically adept) father-in-law hooked nearly half of the family up with this new beauty.

So, excuse me if you don't hear from me for a while. I apologize in advance!

I've been sucked into the black hole that is the iPhone 3G.

And I'm enjoying every minute.


  1. You will never fall out of love with it. It will be the best piece of equipment you've EVER owned..TRUST me ;)

  2. ah...welcome to the darkside. and i concur with katie.

  3. It's worse than the crack-berry. My SIL is practically surgically attached to hers. I'm toying with the idea of getting one...

  4. Welcome to my life!! I probably use my phone 10 hours a day now!! (Not really but you know what I mean!!!) I am SO glad I switched over from my crackberry!!

  5. AHHH! I have decided when my contract with Sprint is up in January I am getting one of these babies! So jealous!

  6. I still don't know how to use mine that well. Best of luck! xoxo

  7. i love it! it's one of my favorite things for sure! i cannot go without my iphone :)

  8. Welcome..........welcome to the wonderful world of iPhone hysteria.

    I'm addicted to mine - as in it might not be healthy! ;-) Such a great thing!


  9. I LOVE mine. It wasn't on my wishlist when I got it for graduation. Now that I have it, I can't imagine not having it!! And I stupidly didn't know to plug it into my computer for updates for the first 6 months I had it. Oops!


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