Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday's Truths.. Or Rather Another "I Confess.."

1. I hate making the bed. I get up far too early in the mornings to get myself out of bed in a timely fashion let alone take additional time to make the bed [only to savagely tear my way back into it a mere twelve hours later].

2. I'm due for my "New Every Two" with Verizon. This year I am lobbying for the new Blackberry Tour. Why? So that I can check my emails and blog from my phone. No, seriously. That's the only reason. I do not work for a company that pays for this expense, nor requires it. I am a nurse. I need a stethescope, scrubs and an active license. My patients do not care what cell phone I am carrying as they do not need to email me on an emergent basis. But writing/reading blogs? Important enough to me to warrant the upgraded monthly fees. Now, if only I could convince Hubs of this dire neccessity.

3. I only swim in water where I can see my feet. Hubs was astonished, when in Turks and Caicos I was a veritable waterbaby, bobbing and diving in the turquoise waters until my water-logged ears demanded a reprieve. He could do nothing but beg, plead and laugh when I staunchly refused to leave my comfortable, albeit hot-as-the-heat-of-Hell, beach chair spot to go and play amongst the waters of Ocean City, Maryland. Ew.

4. I DVR mindless, senseless programming on a nightly basis, spend most, if not all of my Hubs-less nights watching it and am absolutely obsessed/enamored/giddy with delight. (ie: Miami Social, Royal Pains, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and despite it's extreme makes-me-want-to-jump-through-the-tv-and-smack-them-all effect that it has on me, NYC Prep.) Okay, I'm only slightly ashamed at the divulgence of that last one. Oops.

5. I've recently become addicted to buying my underwear at Target. And no, not even the cute, colorful Target-designer brands they've recently begun to display, but the cheap, I used-to-swear-I-wouldn't-be-caught-dead-let-alone-buried-in-them Hanes Her Way. Specifically the Hanes Tagless Chiffon Nylon line. The bikinis and thongs? A-mazing. No lines. Incredible comfort. Not to mention that I can basically buy twenty pairs for what I would typically spend on five pairs and a maybe a Pink bra in Vicky Secrets. Ladies, we're talking a win-win here.

Have you told the truth lately?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. thanks for the sweet comment about my Canvas's!
    I confess that I refuse to make the bed...why when you are going to mess it up again that night!lol

  2. I am going to have to try that line from Target - I wear Hanky Pankies every day, but at $20/pair, they are a bit much!

    I also hate not being able to see the bottom of the ocean - yuck!

  3. Im totally with you on a few points... undies from Target, huh? Ok will check into it, xxxooo

  4. loving the list!
    i got my new phone only to check emails and blogs as well ;)

  5. I only swim in water that I can see my feet in too. The other water really grosses me out.

    My confession? I'm a housewife-in-training who has a cleaning woman come every two weeks. Yikes!

  6. I love mindless tv too. We're in this together! :)

  7. i hate making the bed as well!!! truth be told i would rather sleep in an unmade bed anyways!

  8. I'm with you........HATE making the bed! What's the point!? ;-)

    And I've become so accustomed to having a DVR ....ours was broken for two weeks and I was so annoyed that I actually had to watch commercials!


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