Monday, August 17, 2009

The Great Snip and Sullivan, A Year in Review!

Sullivan turned ONE! this past week.. Don't worry, ridiculous pictures of the Sheepie wearing a party hat are soon to follow. We did spoil him with extra treats and brand new toys, but we also bought him a much larger birthday present. What's that, might you ask? An appointment with the vet for "The Great Snip," of course! [Insert creepy, horror movie-esque music here]. We figured it's about time, as Sullivan's social circle is at a stagnant halt. It's not so much that he's aggressive or attempts to be dominant over other dogs (Puh-lease, this goober wouldn't hurt a fly!) But other dogs seem to always notice Sully's male-parts and immediately become suspicious. Sully, we're doing this in the best interest of your popularity amongst the neighborhood pack. We promise! We only want you to have lots and lots of doggie friends!

I'm as nervous as any other dog-mom would be and made sure we scheduled the appointment during a week where Hubs and I would alternately be home to keep an eye on the convalescing patient during the days following his surgery. The receptionist at the office must've thought I was crazy as I asked her about a bazillion questions, including, but not limited too, the most important (per the ever-so-compassionate Hubs), "How much is this going to cost?" Of course, I was too busy being concerned with pain, antibiotics, and thwarting possible emergencies. Once a nurse, always a nurse, I guess!

So on Wednesday, just before heading out to a doctor's appointment of my own, I'll be dropping Sullivan off at the vet and picking him up a mere 8 hours later, just a little bit less of a man. Poor Sheepie. He doesn't even know what's coming!

On a brighter note, here's Sullivan's last year in review in the M household:

My first day at home, 12 weeks old
November 12, 2008

Check out those spots on my nose!
Unwrapping Christmas presents, December 2008

Mom forcing me to wear my rain/snow jacket
Obviously thrilled, January 2009

My First Snow and my Favorite Time of Year
Winter 2009

February 2009
Looking like a REAL Old English Sheepie

March 2009
Six months old and Sixty Five Pounds!

April 2009
Time to trim the bangs. Running into too many
car bumpers and street signs...

May/June 2009
Hanging out with Mom.
Lookin' a bit like a homeless dog with that haircut.

July 2009
Hung out with Gramma and GrandPaw for the week
while Mom and Dad went to the Islands.
All I got was this crab.
I'm tipping the scales at 80lbs!

We brought Sullivan home from the pet store on November 12th, 2008. We're not sure how he spent his first three months of his life (likely in a puppy mill of sorts), but since it wasn't with us, we'd rather not think about it! This fluffy knucklehead has brought so much love and so many laughs into our little home, we can't imagine our life without him! Happy birthday, Sully Monster! Wishing you many more tail-wagging, face-licking, bird-chasing, sneaker-eating and treat-loving years ahead!


  1. Aw, happy birthday to the man!

    We recently had our male rescue dog fixed, and he bounced right back! I am sure Sullivan will do just fine!

  2. Such a cute doggy! A very happy birthday to the pup!

    Also I can't believe I forgot to mention Seacrets in my post, I have to go back and edit! There is no place quite like OCMD :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!! :)

    Happy Birthday Sullivan! What a cute dog!

  4. He is such a cutie! Happy Birthday Sullivan!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet pup!! He'll do fine after his neuter girl... Don't worry =)

    Easier said than done right?

  6. Hi...oh my goodness your dog is so cute!

    Can you clarify your email address because I do want to email you....

    (you said didn't realize there are blogspot emails...are there?!?)... is my email:

    shoot me an email quick if you could ;)


  7. aww Happy Birthday!! He is totally adorable!

  8. So cute! He is the sweetest thing :)

  9. He is SO cute... I LOVE sheepies!

    I was an absolute nervous wreck when I took my baby Elle Woods in to get spayed last year. She had to spend the night, which made it even worse!
    I think I called no less than 6 times throughout the night to check on her. The vet techs thought I was a total loon.

    Luckily he gets to come home that day!

    Happy Birthday Sull!

  10. Happy Birthday Sullivan! So cute.

  11. Happy Birthday to Sullivan!!! (And don't worry, we definitely had a dinner party to celebrate our dog's first birthday this past April.)

  12. Happy {belated} 1st birthday to Sullivan! Can't wait for the pics :)


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