Sunday, August 9, 2009

He's Put A Hit Out..

on my Kindle.
yes, you're reading this post correctly.
no, you're not crazy.
although, Hubs might be.

Last night, while laying in bed, I pulled out my Kindle to finish the last couple chapters of the book I had been reading during our vacation at the beach last week. It wasn't anything worth writing home about, but I often feel unfinished when I've left too many books unfinished and therefore will often grit my teeth to finish the remaining chapters. Not to mention, I already have close to three unfinished books on my Home screen..

Hubs: [inching closer and closer to my side of the bed] Whatchya doin?

AP: I really want to finish this chapter.

Hubs: What? Put that away! There's no Kindle-ing when Hubs is home!

AP: Are you trying to tell me I can only read Monday through Thursday nights? Boy, what are you smoking?

Hubs: Don't worry. One day you're going to come home and the Kindle will be missing. Gone. Dunzo.

AP: What?!

Hubs: Yup. I've put a hit out on the Kindle. Want to know how it's going to go down?

AP: Enlighten me.

Hubs: I'm going to slather it with peanut butter and conveniently leave it where Sullivan can find it. That's it. Say goodbye to your Little Friend.

Where does he come up with these things?


  1. Okay, that post just evoked a big grin from me :-)

    I really want to get a Kindle for my husband, but his birthday is already past (it was last month) and so I'm going to have to wait till Christmas. He used his mom's while we were on vacation with them, and he loved it!

  2. That is hilarious! I just seriously laughed out loud!

  3. LMAO. The kindle needs some back up. Pronto! Your husband needs to be stopped! Hahah. Hilarious.

  4. Ha ha!

    Do you like the kindle? I am always curious what people think of them...

  5. That is quite an elaborate plan to ruin the Kindle...he's put some thought into that one :) So funny! My hubs has threatened similar to my iPhone!

  6. This just made me laugh! Because of you talking about it, I am dying to own a Kindle. Thing is, I'm kind of a bookworm, so if my marriage takes a hit... so your fault!! =)

  7. Please enlighten me about the Kindle. Why is it better than just reading actual books...?


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