Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What dog sighs heavily outside of the bedroom door, sulks sullenly at the top of the stairs, and scratches incessantly on the back of the door, begging to be let into the
air conditioning?

Give up?

This guy...

Hey, Ma! I know you're down there, but the air conditioning is up here!

Just look what this heat and humidity is doing to my hair!

He can be such a little princess sometimes...


  1. are you sure that poor thing can see?!?!?! haha :)

  2. OMG he's such a sweet lookin' thing! too cute!

  3. I totally know what he means with the frizz and such. And I am also curious whether he can see...maybe that's why he won't go down the stairs.

  4. omg doggies do the cutest things! xxxoo

  5. aw, your pup is super adorable!! :)

  6. stella is the same way! indoors near the a/c vent is like disney world to her. she pretty much detests city life and loves to go hiking and adores trails (nose to the ground, big nose soaking up everything around her.) how about sully?


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