Monday, May 18, 2009

Vacation, Where To?

Hubs and I could use your help. We're at a loss when it comes to deciding where to spend a week's vacation in July. We're already spending a week at the beach in August and planning a European getaway for our second wedding anniversary in October. Therefore, we're trying to stay within the confines of the continental US for our July vacation. We're open to suggestions. We need suggestions. To the right of your screen, you'll notice I posted a Vacation Poll. Listed are the few ideas that Hubs and I have been tossing around. Feel free to vote or leave us some new ideas! We love wine, sun, sand, hiking, climbing and camping. I love shopping and bed and breakfasts more than I love tents. You know, just a few details to steer you in the right direction. Much appreciated!


  1. I had to vote for Chucktown because it's my home territory, but what about Asheville, NC? Lots of great bed & breakfasts, music festivals, hiking, & sight seeing.

  2. I vote for Seattle or Portland- shopping, camping, bed and breakfasts, hiking, shopping, awesome beers and wines, and of course, your friend, Cheese, who misses you! love you!

  3. I vote for Seattle or Portland- shopping, camping, bed and breakfasts, hiking, great local beers and wines and your friend, Cheese, who misses you.

    love you!

  4. I am a Wine-O so you know what my choice would be :)

  5. I voted for the Finger Lakes, just because it sounds exciting and different. The week at the beach in August sounds so relaxing!

  6. I voted for Napa! Because wine tasting is awesome and you can visit different vineyards than you went to last time. Plus it's so nice there in the summer!

  7. Have you been to Seattle? We love, love, love the Pacific Northwest. We spent our honeymoon on Vancouver Island (which I STRONGLY recommend, but you said US) and went to Whistler a year later. Both times we stopped in Seattle. It's so pretty, right on the water, lots of shopping (both upscale and flea markets)...and you could head to Washington wine country or hike Mount Rainier. The San Juan Islands off the coast look fun, too.

    I've also always wanted to do a B&B tour of the Northeast. In fact, we had one planned through Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island and Massachusetts...but then we went to Whistler instead. :)

    Anyway, I really like the Pacific Northwest and use every excuse to head that way.

  8. I voted for Napa because of the wine...but, really, you can get good wine anywhere.

    Connecticut also has beautiful B&Bs...and we have friends who keep telling us to visit Macinac Island. They have B&Bs, shopping, sailing, etc.

    Wherever you choose, please consider packing ME in your suitcase!

  9. I'm going to suggest my old stomping ground- the coast of Maine. It has the cutest bed & breakfasts & the hiking & scenery is beautiful! Not to mention, amazing lobster, if that's your thing. The ocean is a bit chilly, but it does have some cute beaches, and ocean-front camping if you want to go that route!

  10. Go to the Pacific Northwest. Did you know Washington is the #1 producer of hopps & wine in the US?? Washington wine totally rivals that of the Napa (actually Napa is not even that great compared to Sonoma or the Russian River Valley - I have lived both in San Fran and currently live in wine country Washington, so I consider myself a qualified expert on the subject). The breweries in Wa in Or are some of the best in the nation. You can hike Rainier (unbelievably beautiful) or do a week trip through the San Juan Islands...great biking, hiking, artsy shopping, you can see Orcas, go clamming. Seriously awesome. Portland & Seattle are great cities too, especially in July. Amazing weather.

  11. Newport - Rhode Island, Maine, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Montauk, Naples - Florida, xxooo

  12. Hi there-

    Here are my suggestions:
    Napa Valley
    Colorado - Denver, Breckenridge, etc.

    We are headed to Sandestin and Rosemary Beach, Florida this summer for a week! We're renting an awesome beach house and are beyond excited!!!


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