Monday, May 4, 2009

Guess What We're Building?

Remember, it's a GIVEAWAY!!

photo no. 1


  1. I'm guessing a deck. Can I guess more than once per photo clue?

  2. Ooh. I don't know yet. How many guesses do we get?

    Say if I guess on this one, can I keep on guessing on every post relating to this?

  3. Oh, well look at you two sweet little darlngs offering to build me a house, as you know the Mr & I are on a desperate search right now! Too kind of you, especially considering we are way out in boondock, TN! : ) haha!

  4. Well I was initially thinking it was a deck, but the boards are sitting on a what looks like a deck so I'm not sure now! Since it looks like those are posts, maybe you are building a patio off of your deck??

  5. Down here that could be hurricane shutters... yes? : )

    I still say dog house....

  6. A sawhorse!! ha!

    (that was my totally bogus first guess because I have no freaking clue! :) )

  7. I have been staring at this pic for far too long, lol!!! Since you aren't staying in this rental & do not want to invest in anything permanent, hhmmmm - still thinking.

    My guess is a craft table?

  8. Hmmm...I'm going with a headboard.


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