Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Guess What We're Building?

keep those guesses coming..
photo no. 3

we're not building..

1) a porch swing, even though i would really, really, really love one!

2) flower boxes. thanks to mother nature and the recent deluge of rain she has graced us with, there will be no more buying of flowers and therefore, no need for more flower boxes. Hubs said so.

3) a toy chest/cradle/anything baby. no bun in the oven here folks!

4) a bookshelf. come to think of it, we probably should be building a bookshelf or two. Hubs is getting pretty tired of finding my books shoved in all odd corners of the house!
5) a pool. (out of wood?) keep guessing!
6) a gazebo. okay, we're not exactly The Yankee Workshop here, guys. but thank you for thinking we're capable of such craftmanship!
Don't be dismayed! Stay tuned for pictures and hints!


  1. A bench/chair seating apparatus of some kind?

  2. This is killing me! lol...I have no idea what you're building

  3. Oooh, is it some sort of bar for indoors or outdoors?

  4. I have been reading for a while, but I just became a follower. I am now dying of curiosity. You will totally think this is from left field, but I keep thinking it, so I decided to post it. Are you building a family (i.e. having a baby)? The wood also reminds me of a swingset, but that doesn't make any sense!

    This is a good game!

  5. LOL - never mind - I just see you said you aren't doing anything baby related. Now I am totally stumped!


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