Monday, May 4, 2009

So Far, You've Guessed...

Okay. I can't stop laughing out loud.

The guessing has started and it's really cracking me up!

So many great guesses so far,

but unfortunately,

nobody's guessed

i've realized i need to clarify some of the rules

that i hadn't thought about before:

one guess per picture post

so make it a good one!

remember, i will be posting pictures DAILY

some are major hints, others are just hilarious.

and of course, i will review the guesses and let you know

what we aren't building.

we are not building:

1) a deck, for the roof OR the backyard. we already have one of those and even though it's in need of a little deck lovin'we're renters and not ready to shell out all of that money.

2) a house for the soon-to-be Mrs. Dunn. based solely on your blogging skills and the cuteness factor of you and future hubs, i would totally build you guys a house, however Hubs and I currently only have enough in savings for one future house. Our house!

3) a patio/deck/thing. see above.

4) hurricane shutters. no hurricanes in these parts. although, i should hold my tongue. the weather's been pretty crap-tastic lately, so i shouldn't put anything past mother nature.

5) a doghouse. (great guess!) but sadly and much to Sullivan's dismay, we are not building a doghouse. chances are he would eat his way out of house and home, for sure.

6) a saw horse. Haha. although we really could have used a couple of these to build our *fun* little project, we are not building a saw horse. Hubs would rather balance the wood on two of our Adirondack chairs. which means chances are we'll need a couple of new chairs.

don't fret.

the answer is

yet to be guessed!

keep guessing!


  1. Bahaha.. I totally didn't expect you to mention the saw horse thing.

  2. Umm this is seriously so fun! Ok, so I can guess once per picture or once throughout the whole contest? Sorry, I'm a slow learner :)

  3. Hmmm, is it going to be a table thingy that can you can use to grow a garden, and your giveaway might be some kind of produce?!? LOL???

  4. DARN!!! : ) PS; on the edge of my seat in guessing excitement, because I love a good surprise! yeeaah!

  5. Oh- if you haven't wrecked the chairs yet- stop! Haha. Saw horses are just $15/ea at home depot, then they fold up skinny and easy to store.

    I'm mystified...

  6. I think it is an outdoor barbecue with one of those big fancy quasi commercial stainless steel grills and enough outdoor counter space to have a chili cook off in your backyard AND on TV.


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