Thursday, May 14, 2009

Marital Musings.

Hubs: Guess what I forgot to pack for this week?

Me: Don't know. What?

Hubs: Just boxers. And socks. You know, boxers AND socks.

Me: [attempting to stifle the laughter]

Hubs: It's not very funny. I've had to wear my Under Armour Lighthouse Liquors athletic shorts underneath my suit pants. Athletic shorts. Under my suit pants.

Me: Omg. That's hilarious. And no socks!?

Hubs: Socks? They would be tube socks. Thick, black, bunch-y Under Armour tube socks.

Me: Aw, honey..

Hubs: I've been slipping my shoes off underneath my desk, my feet have been overheating!

Me: [still laughing]

Hubs: This is what happens when I have to pack my bag myself! And these guys only think I'm professional.. If they only knew what I was wearing underneath my suit!



  1. That's too funny! Why do boys not make lists??

  2. Too funny. My husband is the same way. If he forgot it it's somehow my fault for not reminding him! haha.

  3. omg.. hahaa.... well maybe he should ask his wifey to pack... i would never forget undies or socks, haha xxoo

  4. I always forget something big when I pack for Husby...I've definitely forgotten to pack him socks before. He had to wear wool socks to work. He was pretty much doing the same thing as your hubs.

  5. Haha.. So cute! I packed Z's bag once and forgot boxers.. After him saying he'd just wear the same ones all week, I bought him a bunch of new ones, and never forgot again! lol :)

  6. This is totally why I pack for my husband. He wouldn't even have the UA items!

    I left you a little something on my blog!

  7. Cute!! And omg I loveee the pic u used for this post!!

  8. This is a prime example of why I tell the hubs to make a list... He just doesn't get it and we always go through this!! You would think they'd learn!!

  9. Hilarious!! And so typical. My husband makes me pack for him!

  10. That is so funny how much our guys depend on us! He must have felt so hot in those socks. Poor guy!

  11. That's hilarious - because I can totally see J doing something like this. :)

  12. That's hilarious! My husband once forgot boxers when he was on an interview trip in Denver, and I had to run out to Target to buy this day, I laugh every time I see those 3 pairs of boxers in the wash.

  13. Just found your blog! Too funny!


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