Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Cotton Anniversary.

October 27, 2007.
If you are wondering,
yes, I did make my husband drive all over town this weekend
so that I could snap a few photos of our anniversary's corresponding number dates.
And yes, I did make my husband drive repeatedly
past that Radar Speed Sign until the perfect 27 popped up.
All while I stood on the side of the road,
albeit creepily,
taking pictures of the black SUV that kept driving
up and down the street.

If that doesn't define true love,
I don't know what does.

Traditionally, a second wedding anniversary
is often marked by gifts of cotton.

Diamonds aren't gifted until your sixtieth anniversary.
To which my husband replied,
"I love being traditional."

Last year, we celebrated our paper anniversary
with a couple of plane tickets and a Marriott penthouse suite in Marco Island, Florida.

This year? Hubs bought me the comfiest pair of North Face fleece sweatpants
and the most adorable vintage Phillies hat I've ever seen.
(Um, Hello World Series. AGAIN!).
I couldn't possibly live in the Philadelphia area for over eight years and
not own any Phillies paraphenalia!
He also bought me a few cotton items that,
although make for perfect marriage-material,
they aren't exactly blogpost material,
if you catch my drift...

I can't yet tell you what I bought Hubs, being that it hasn't exactly arrived yet-
but know that it's custom made and absolutely adorable.

When Hubs found out that 3 years of marital bliss
is often marked by gifts of leather,
I kid you not, the biggest boy-like grin spread across his face
and I swear I saw him do a couple of covert fist pumps.
Ahh, husbands.

Happy Anniversary, Hubs.
You are everything I could've ever dreamed of
in a partner, a lover, a husband and a best friend.
And it only keeps getting better.
I love you much and lot's and bunches.
Forever and Always.


  1. These are awesome pictures :) Totally worth the trouble!

  2. Congratulations!! We decided to do traditional too, so this being our first will be paper. I think my husband had the same feeling of relief yours did ... UNTIL I told him that he could get me something off "the list" and just wrap it in paper and slip in a card and it would totally count ;) hahaha

  3. awww this is adorable!! and creative, happy anniversary!! xxxoo

  4. Very cute.. I love the photos! It sounds like something I would do... funny! Thanks for the cute post.

  5. Love those pictures! Happy Anniversary!

  6. That is so sweet! You have totally inspired me to do the same thing when Spencer and I get married!!!

  7. haha, that is great that you made hubby drive all around looking for these numbers... they turned out really great!!

    happy anniversary! many more to come!

  8. Love the pictures! And here I thought you snagged them off google images, you were determined! Happy Anniversary!

  9. Yay!! Happy 2nd anniversary and many more to come. PS October 2007 was pretty much the best month ever!!

  10. Such a great idea! I love the traditional gifts...however, we don't really follow it. Sweet post!

  11. I love the sign pictures!! I can just picture you standing in front of the speed limit sign. haha! Happy Anniversary!

  12. Happy Anniversary - love your cute gifts and that you are staying with tradition!!

  13. Aww how sweet! Love your pics!! That's so nice of him to drive through the speed marker over and over! Love it :)

  14. cute pictures, and happy anniversary! i'm from philadelphia too, and i JUST got my first phillies tee when i went to a game a month ago! haha oh well, can't wait to see them win again ;) have a great day!

  15. Happy anniversary! Love that you are staying traditional... my husband is not creative but I would like to do the same!

  16. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating!!

  17. what a cute idea
    happy anniversary

  18. So cute! I love the pictures!
    Happy Anniversary!
    My next anniversary is leather...I told my husband to just go ahead and buy me a brand new car with leather seats...He thinks I am kidding! :))

  19. I love that you took those pics... and made him drive back and forth until the 27 popped up. So awesome!!
    And his comment about being traditional made me laugh- only to be followed up by the leather comment which made me laugh even more.
    Happpy Anniversary to you both!!!!

  20. Love these pictures. Very cute idea. happy anniversary!!

  21. What a cute post! Happy anniversary!

  22. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I love that you are doing the traditional gifts, so sweet! It will be so fun each year to have to come up with something!

  23. Happy Anniversary! The pictures turned out really cute.

  24. Love the pictures! that is TOTALLY something I would do too!

  25. HOw CUTE that your hubby participated in the crazy number search!! My hubby would have looked at me like I was crazy!! Happy 3 years!

  26. you guys are too precious!! happy anniversary! here's to many more!


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