Friday, October 2, 2009

A Drawback of a Husband-Less House.

For the last several (okay, ten) days,
I have been driving around with a
fifty pound bag of dog food in the trunk of my car.

One of the drawbacks of having a husband
that works in a different state Monday through Friday?
No man-muscles to carry the heavy stuff into the house.

When Sully ran out of puppy kibble last night,
I even contemplated boiling him chicken and rice
for dinner. A meal that would take longer to prepare
than my own dinner of grilled cheese and salad.

I put on my big girl boots (also known as Uggs)
and trekked outside to lug Sully's dinner into the house.
After a good chuckle or two and watching me struggle with
an awkward fifty pound sack full of kibble,
a couple of lacrosse stick-toting, shaggy-haired high school boys
offered to help an ol' lady out.

Chivalry is not lost.

But I sure do miss my husband's muscles.


  1. Haha...i feel ya lady. Mine is MIA for a year :( Too bad we can't rent muscles!!!

  2. How funny! I totally can see you lugging the bag of food. I would never be able to do it, Thundy would just have to eat people food!!! xxxoo

  3. try adding three flights of stairs to the mix :) I feel your pain sister.

    PS I left you something on my blog :)

  4. hahaha that's hilarious. i'm sure sullivan appreciated your efforts, though! :)


  5. That's awesome those boys shared their muscles with you :)
    Hope your hubby comes home soon!! Have a great weekend!

  6. glad to know that chivalry is not lost!! and glad sully got his food!

  7. Sounds like something I would do! Too funny. Happy weekend, friend! xoxo

  8. It makes us appreciate their handy muscles and height when they are home!!!

  9. That's exactly why I need a husband. Don't have one yet, but need help. I live on the second floor -- and I seriously consider every item before buying it because I'll have to carry it up...

    I also need someone to take out my trash. Same issue only going down the stairs...


  10. oh girl.. I can't tell you how often my dogs get chicken and rice, of course it's just because we're too lazy to go to the store when we realize they're out of food!!

  11. Haha, I would've just gone out to my car, torn the bag open & scooped enough into the dog's bowl for dinner. Wow... that sounds lazy, doesn't it?

  12. funny! the 40 lb dog food bag and the cases of diet sode always sit in my trunk until hubby ois home...there are a llot of steps up to my front door... I am totally with you ...


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