Saturday, October 10, 2009



Need a laugh?
Just picture Hubs and I
in our tiny bathtub
with a drool-soaked Sheepie
trying to condition his
multiple patches of
all the while,
he's bodyslamming
Hubs and I
and slurping the water
from the tub faucet.

He just had a rather expensive bath
last weekend.

Typical Saturday.


  1. Oh no! I bet it was torture trying to get all the burrs out of his long hair!!

  2. oh no!! that does not sound like fun at all!

  3. Soo crazy...I had a dream last night about having a dog like Sullivan! Now I really want one! ha!

  4. Ohhh man! I just hate those things! They are like velcro!

  5. Oh no!! This happened to our labradoodle one time and it was NOT fun at all!

  6. oh poor puppy!!! Our little girl got a big knot of burrs behind her ear this week.....and she's got some BIG ears so it was not fun in the least!

  7. Fantastic mental picture. Hope the sheepie is all clean and burr-free now!

  8. oooooh no! hope you got all the burrs out - no fun at all!!

  9. I just wanted to stop by and tell you about my cool giveaway........a peronalize wine glass *you chose what you want on it* hope you stop by and enter......good luck

    have a great one

  10. i'm just now reading this and yes! burrs + sheepies do not mix! stella is hilarious after we take her hiking because she'll lay on the floor and pull the burrs out with her teeth and then spit them into little piles. it's so funny and she actually does a really good job of cleaning herself. ps- that cartoon pic is awesome, i had to right click and save :)


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