Sunday, October 25, 2009

can you believe
that our wedding photographer

never took any staged shots
of our wedding rings?

i know, me either.
i was (and still am)
quite perturbed.
and it's been almost two years
since our wedding day.

but don't worry.
i plan on
remedying that

and YES! I did take those pictures all by my amateur self!


  1. what I like is that your rings look worn...not worn in like a bad thing, but worn :) but two people who love eachother! I like these pictures, a lot..and its more special what it means then anything else.

  2. Pretty! Our photographer didn't take any either! Unbelievable!

  3. Ours didn't either. And my husband is in construction, so his ring is tooooore up. Mine are pretty beat up, but they definitely couldn't pass for brand new.

  4. Mine didn't either...I think your pictures look great!!

  5. oh man!! I think those are fab! he def. should have done that on your wedding day!

  6. Those are beautiful! Off to a great start!! & I know what you mean! Ours didnt take any either..:(

  7. Mine didn't either, but I've so got you beat! Ours didn't take any photos of the bride and groom together!

    Those pics are gorgeous! Did you take them?

  8. Did you take those pictures? They are great!

  9. Beautiful pictures!


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