Thursday, October 29, 2009

Marital Musings.

AP: [whining] It's been months since we've gone away together!

Hubs: We just went on a vacation August. And one in July. And one in March.

AP: [still whining] I know, but we went so many places this year- I caught the travel bug!

Hubs: You're the one who can't get any time off!

AP: I have cabin fever.

Hubs: Eat some lemons.

AP: [thoroughly and utterly confused] Lemons? Why?

Hubs: Oh, sorry. That's for scurvy.

Cabin fever and scurvy are not the same thing, my darling husband.
Scurvy is for pirates and sailors. Arrrrrgh!


  1. Oh my word - I laughed out LOUD!

  2. I think I have the same travel bug! But definately no scurvy...

  3. Ha! But in his defense, I think pirates get cabin fever too from being on the ship too long!

  4. :)LOL i think that was such a cute moment

  5. Hee hee... this made me laugh!! Love it :)

  6. totally made milk come out my nose this morning!!

  7. I can not stop laughing! Too funny!

  8. hahah oh that's great. what a wonderful hubs you have.

  9. That is TOO funny. HAHA! Classic husband-ism.


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