Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Easter Bonnet for This Chick... But She Could Use a Little Help?

Was anyone else's Easter outfit experience as traumatizing as mine? Ha!
Did your mother insist on pairing an Easter bonnet with every single Easter dress worn as a child growing up? Mine did. And they were always very large. And may or may not have included a ribbon (or two or three). And yes, they were the kind with that annoying elastic string that always pinched the skin behind your ears and underneath your chin. The kind of Easter bonnet that as soon as you put it on, you couldn't wait to take it off.

Don't get me wrong- I did look forward to wearing my little white gloves (which very quickly became stained with a multitude of colors from the egg hunt in our backyard) and my shiny white patent leather shoes.. but I could never understand the bonnet.

Obviously my bonnet-wearing days are long gone but the search for an Easter dress plagues me every single year. Having not had much time to get out and look around for a dress, I decided to stick with a clothier that very rarely lets me down...JCREW. Here's a sneak peek at what I'll be wearing this year (once it arrvies via the USPS):

I've decided to pair it with a cardigan but am having trouble picking out the right color. Originally I had been thinking "shell" which is a subtle pink that I thought would nicely offset the tea rose color shown above. But is it too.."matchy-matchy?"

What are your thoughts? I was thinking maybe I could try something a little different.. One of these shades, perhaps? I am quite partial to the light citron (yellow) seen below..


Now there's one that would look cute with a light cami, a pair of thongs and dark wash denim capris!

Usually I ask the ladies at the store (who've come to know me by name) what they think would look best but since I ordered this baby off of the internet, I've decided to enlist the help of my fashion savvy bloggy friends!

So, whatdya think!? I'll be wearing it for Easter Mass and brunch with my in-laws! (and Hubs would be most stunned/appreciative, but also for a dear friend's early summer wedding!)

Much thanks!


  1. i was going to say yellow and then saw the picture of the yellow one! def yellow! the pink IS too matchy matchy

  2. I'm loving the green-- ahem, endive. Totally cute and can be worn with tons of stuff!!!!

  3. I vote for the yellow!!! Too cute. Would also look great with dark jeans.

    And my mom always made me wear ridiculous straw hats with gloves! So uncomfortable.

  4. Love the outfit. Light Citron is the only option in my book! :)

  5. I like the first one. I don't think it's too matchy.

    And yes, I had the same traumatic experience when it came to Easter bonnets. And the frilly socks with the lace on them? Yeah..

  6. I love the endive! (But I can't wear yellow - doens't look good against my skin color). They are both great picks to go with the dress. Let us know what you decide!


  7. My mother also used to make us wear the Easter Bonnets. In fact, one year we MADE our own and wore them. Think paper with buttons and ribbon and all kinds of stuff stuck to it. After mass the father came up and told me how much he liked it. ha! Oh Easter bonnets...


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