Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday, Worded!

I do try to keep my Wordless Wednesday posts.. wordless.. but sometimes it's just too difficult! So many of you wondered about the photos from today's earlier post, I've decided to let you in on a little more about them!

These photos were taken last September on a walk through the restored historic town of Colonial Williamsburg. More precisely, on the grounds of the George Wythe House. Who's George? Well, funny you should ask! Geroge is most notable for being the first Virginian to sign the Declaration of Independence as well as a renowed leader of the patriot movement.

Being the huge history-geek that I am, I swoon over historic reenactments and authentically restored colonial buildings. My favorites? The Hospital and the Apothecary, of course. (Duh!) There's just something so romantic and enlightening about being given the chance to re-live the Revolutionary period. I know, I'm sure you're thinking, "Ohmygoodness, what a loser!" But to go back in time and retrace America's early footsteps is just fascinating to me!

According to, "the house also served as General George Washington's headquarters just before the British siege of Yorktown, and French General Rochambeau made the home his headquarters after victory at Yorktown. In 1776, the house accommodated Virginia General Assembly delegate Thomas Jefferson and his family."

Okay. C'mon, blogfriends. How freakin' cool is that?!!

While walking the grounds of the Wythe House, Hubs and I stumbled upon a beautiful garden tucked away on the back of the property. It is there that we found the beautiful arched trellis covered in Kingsblood blossoms.

If you happen to have the chance to go.. do! I promise, you won't be disappointed. And for those of you who would much rather prefer to be immersed in a little more... er, modernity (yes, truly a word!), there are countless 21st century boutiques and outlets within miles of the historic downtown.

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