Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lion and Lamb Liars.

If by "out like a lamb" one meant fierce howling winds, brief, yet sudden dime-sized hail and early morning temperatures in the twenties.. then sure, March certainly did head out just like a lamb. See ya later, March!
Bring on the April Showers (which by the current weather forecast looks like they'll be rolling in Wednesday, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday of this week..)


  1. Seriously. Our rain showers are supposed to begin on Friday.

  2. the weather channel tells me that april is second dries month. isn't that funny??
    PS I just got back from orlandon your martini glass is in the MAIL! And guess what i had waiting for me when i got back! THE CUTEST martini glass!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much


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