Monday, April 27, 2009

Chef Boy-Are-You-Lazy.

Yes. You are looking at my lunch.
Not only for today, but for the next three days.
Don't judge me.
And no, it will not always be "beef ravioli."
As a matter of fact, I ate "beefaroni" today.
And no, I was never allowed to have these growing up.
I'm making up for lost time.
Stay tuned for weekend updates, derby hat picks and a very late Flashback Friday.


  1. Haha- once or twice a year I buy a can of "spagetti-o's." So gross but I love them in all their canny goodness!

  2. lol...I have never had one of these

  3. I love how it feels the need to tell you it's a good source of protein...kinda like drinking Diet Coke with your big, greasy cheeseburger ;-)

    Enjoy! I love indulging in (the orange powdered) mac & cheese, since I wasn't allowed to eat it growing up.

  4. mouth just started watering.

    Is that normal? :)

  5. hahah - my lunch is lean cuisine and/or canned soup EVERY day. Who has time to make a sandwich?

  6. I totally forgot about these!! I used to take them for a quick lunch when I was in school. They were always so good!

  7. haha! Easy lunches are the best!

  8. I used to keep a stockpile of those in my desk at work in case I had to work through lunch. Let's just say that stockpile was continuously renewed.

  9. Just found your blog - love it!

    PS - I was allowed to have these when I was little and I still LONG for hurricanes cause it means we have to buy non-perishable food and these are what I pick for me in case of emergency - and after it's all over, I eat them all anyway! YUM!!!


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