Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Doghouse.

One would think that the doghouse is an appropriate place for Sullivan. We're not talking, however, about the cute doghouse decorated with scalloped trim and outfitted with Milkbones and down pillows. We're talking about the other doghouse. Where little bad dogs go. For chewing on daddy's favorite boat shoes.

note the missing shoelace pieces.

You might remember this post, the one about my husband and his love affair with boat shoes. I may not have mentioned that at the hint of warm weather, these shoes manage to undoubtedly find their way out of hiding every. single. year. I wouldn't mind their constant resurfacing if they were brand new and the soles hadn't yellowed. "But that's what gives them flavor, " according to Hubs.

Poor Hubs. There are few things in life that he loves almost as much as he loves me and his boat shoes would surely be at the top of that list.

We're so very sorry Hubs. Sully's been a very bad boy.
but momma's secretly ecstatic that she can finally go out and buy you a new pair of Sperry's!


  1. oh no!!! Our pup did this once(to my shoes)..I yelled at him so loud he never did it again!

  2. Oh no! (For Hubs)

    Yay! (For you - Sperry has some great shoes this season ;-)

  3. If this were a mystery story, I would swear that Sully had an accomplice. Someone who likes shopping for new things and replacing old worn-out things. Hmmmm... I wonder who that sounds like?

  4. Oh no, poor Hubs! But yay that you get to go shopping for a nice, new pair!

  5. haha! I love the fake mad at the dog routine!! Yay for new shoes!!

  6. Okay...can I tell you that my husband is the exact same way!! I hate those freaking boat shoes and they are so ugly...I used to make fun of them all the time when we first started dating. Oh...but he loves them. He has quite a few pairs...but wears one pair a lot...they are white (at least they used to be) and are falling apart. Ick.

  7. Poor hubs! Those shoes look perfectly worn in, although yeah, you! because they look perfectly worn in. :)


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