Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cadbury Eggs? How about some DayQuil and a Sudafed?

Yep. You read me correctly. Instead of an Easter basket filled with malted milk chocolate eggs, peanut M&M's, marshmallow peeps and enough Cadbury eggs to choke the Easter Bunny himself, my momma should've given me an Easter basket filled with the contents of the Cold Remedy aisle at the local CVS.

Our much anticipated weekend plans that included a Friday night Happy Hour in Baltimore, Doggie Playdate on Saturday and what I'm sure would've been a wonderful Easter celebration complete with delicious food and family on Sunday, were quashed when this blogging lady woke up with "the Cold."

Why the capital letters? Because this is the Cold of all colds. I'm talking swollen lymphnodes, sore throat, sinus aches and pains, congestion that's backed up into my brain and more snot than I ever thought a human could produce. Lovely, right?

Well Mr. Cold, I hate you. I hate you for making me feel like my head doesn't even belong to the rest of my body. I hate you for ruining my weekend and I hate you for spoiling one fierce outfit that I planned to wear to Happy Hour on Friday night that included these newly purchased beauties by Michael Kors:

Don't even get me started on my brand new Easter dress. I'm sure it will look fantastic on a girl who doesn't even have the energy to blowdry her own hair. At least the pink tone of my overused-kleenex-chapped-nose will match the tea rose color of my Easter ensemble. (And for the record, I decided to pair it with the Light Citron cardigan!) Maybe that will detract from the sickly, sullen look I've got going on.

Yes folks, if you happen to be at 9:30am Mass tomorrow and hear someone with a horrible case of the sniffles that sounds a lot like Jabba the Hutt? You found me.

Happy Easter! Now... where did I put that Airborne?


  1. Yuck, same thing happened at my house. The hubbs and I are passing the tissues back and forth and can barely get out of bed. Hope you feel better soon, we feel your pain.

  2. On Valentine's Day my mom got me a whole bag full of stuff I'm usually too cheap to buy - organic snacks, new running socks, and high-quality vitamins. It was a magical day ;-)

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. boooo...I hate colds, they happen at the worst times! On a brighter note, those shoes are fabulous so at least you looked cute (even if you didn't feel cute)!


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