Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sex.. in a Travel Coffee Mug.

Isn't that the saying..

"That's so good, it's like sex on a stick?"

I've never particularly understood that. For those of you who are with me on this one, Urban Dictionary defines the phrase as, "originally coined by a great man, it is used to define something exceptionally great, or something that is fantastic beyond belief." That being said, this little find, my friends, is so good, it's like sex in a travel coffee mug (which, in my book, is way better than sex on a stick!)

I am a Chai-a-holic. Not just any Chai. Chai lattes. Specifically Chai lattes from Starbucks. What? You fail to see the problem here? Daily Chai lattes tend to add up and are putting a serious dent in my wifely stipend. Therefore, I have been forced to look into cheaper, but similarly delicious, alternatives.

Having spent this past weekend with little to no energy, sick and sulking around the house, I had little motivation to prepare meals. Here's where Momma M saved the day. In town for the night chauffering my little bro around for his soccer tourny, she knew that stocking the house with a few of my favorite foods would be the perfect little pick-me-up! Lo and behold, she brought home TAZO Chai Tea Concentrate. Equal parts of this delicious-ness and milk, three minutes in the microwave and wha-la! Yum-diddly-scrumptious Chai Tea Latte. For about a third of the weekly cost of my overpriced Starbucks counterpart. No, seriously. This stuff is amazing. Who knew it even existed?! Certainly not moi!

Sorry S'bucks. Looks like you've been replaced.


  1. I love the Tazo Chai tea! You're right...it DOES taste just like Starbucks. Although, I've become partial to Panera's Chai latte...

  2. Sounds delicious! I will have to try it. I'm hooked on vanilla chai right now.

  3. Yum!! Thanks for the tip!! I'm a fellow Chai addict and totally know your pain!!

  4. I think it really depends on the stick.

  5. I'm addicted to the Chai Tea lattes from Starbucks myself, and just tried the make it at home Tazo Chai....and I love it!! It's a wonderful new addition to my fridge!


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