Monday, March 9, 2009

Here's an Award. Now, Be Un-Cute.

a big thanks going out to Simply Me over at My Life, My World, My Words for this fantastic blogger award. please head on over to her blog and check it out! she's been one of my staple fave daily reads since joining the blogosphere! But hang on, there's a catch. With this award comes the opportunity to list 10 un-cute things about yourself and pass the award along to your favorites. Here goes!

10. I am so un-cute when I don't get my way. I tend to revert back to childhood and whine and carry-on. I then try to think of every instance in my lifetime when I did not get my way and remind people of the drastic circumstances that ensued and how my life was never, ever the same. Let's just say that I get my way more times than not. It's usually because I am very convincing and have an arsenal full of supportive arguments to uphold my case.

9. I am not cute when it comes to driving in gridlock traffic. All lady-like manners go immediately out the window. I yell, I scream, I beep the horn..incessantly. Within minutes I transform from yuppy DINK into a new york city cabbie.

8. I am not cute when I do not get my beauty sleep. Less than seven or eight hours of sleep gives me the crankies. How I ever survived college and living on three, four hours of sleep at a time I will never understand. Those days are long behind me.

7. I hate taking showers immediately after getting home from work. (This is pre-new-job-at-the-outpatient-clinic). Yes, I just worked twelve long hours. Yes, I am still wearing the same pair of scrubs. Yes, I may or may not have cleaned up multiple bodily fluids in them. Yes, I am EXHAUSTED and I just want to lay on the couch. So un-cute.

6. I had to ask Hubs for some help on some of these- my creative juices aren't exactly flowing just yet- and he says, "when you wear your black dance pants all the time." Okay, I am a creature designed for comfort. I chose a career in which I wear scrubs (I call them my professional pajamas) all day. When I come home and change? It's into black dance pants (yoga pants), a t-shirt and fleece. I'm just coming home to the puppy, why would I ever put on a pair of jeans? Okay, maybe I do wear black comfy pants a little too much.. But in my defense, I think I look cute! It's my outside-of-work-hanging-out-at-the-house-running-to-the-foodstore uniform.

5. I like to pop blackheads. (Did I really just admit this to the entire web universe?) I'll soak those suckers with a warm compress for as long as it takes... Ok, I'll stop there.

4. When Hubs isn't looking, I let Sully climb into bed. With the same muddy feet that trapsed all over our yard just hours before. Heh-Heh.

3. I like to belt out show tunes in the car. Usually off-key. What am I singing? More often than not it's The Rent soundtrack.

2. Occasionally Hubs and I will give each other Wet Willy's. Why? No reason. Premeditated? Not usually. We could be sitting on the couch watching a movie.. and somebody has to stick their finger full of spittle in somebody's else's ear.

So, have I completely grossed you out yet? I swear, I'm relatively normal!

1. I went to an all-girls high school. We wore knee socks and plaid skirts. We rolled out of bed in the morning, threw on our uniforms and a pair of boy's boxer shorts beneath our said, often-rolled-up-at-the-waistband, skirts. Boys considered themselves lucky if we shaved more than our knee caps (or the bit of skin that stuck out between our skirts and our socks), especially during monday through friday. Obviously the weekends were a different story! Well, that same lax shaving attitude has followed me into my mid-twenties. Sorry Hubs. Sometimes I just forget! Or I can't find my favorite razor. Or I've run out of replacement blades.. If I could only make the Chewbaca sound as good as you, I would be doing it now.

Passing this along to my favorite "Cutie" Bloggers:

Amanda Joy

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