Thursday, March 5, 2009

Martinis and Popcorn.

Let's just say I've been a little lax in the blogging department lately. I have much to catch you up on (and so much to thank some of you for), so apologies all around! In testament to the craziness that's been my life this week, I came home from work last night, briskly run-walked the dog for a few blocks and settled down to a dinner that consisted of:

A Pear Martini
(using Whole Foods Natual Stirrings Pear Juice)
Simply Delectable. Not too sweet with juicy pear flavor all around.

And two individual serving size bags of popcorn.

And I thought it was completely appropriate. Except for the lack of vegetables. Then I proceeded to microwave-steam myself a personal pack of sweat peas.
Good thing I paid attention in Nutrition 101 back in my college days.


  1. mmm you're making me thirsty and hungry :)

  2. I saw on the Today show recently that they actually make popcorn that has different alcoholic beverage flavor! They showed a beer flavor, pina colada, and something else!

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! And um, that is honestly the most amazing dinner EVER. YUM! I'll definitely have to try that juice from Whole Foods!

  4. That Pear Martini sounds delish. I'm all about it this weekend.

  5. How funny! I had kettle popcorn for dinner last night with a glass of cheap wine!!!!!!!!! No joke!


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