Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Funday.. Spring Cleaning Style!

The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL today so Hubs and I decided to spend it wisely.
There's something so deeply satisfying and soul-cleansing about being able to open up all of the windows to the house and air everything out. Ridding the rooms of all that pent up winter nonsense. You know those days I am talking about; stale January days, when you were cooped up inside not yet ready to brave the frigid temperatures? The lingering boredom of weekends spent curled up on the couch watching DVR'd reruns of your favorite off-air programs? Well today, those days were gone with the warm spring winds!

Not only did Hubs and I rent a Rug Doctor from the local hardware store (much to my dismay, I'd have rather sprung for the $299 super-charged monster-of-a-steam-machine that clearly wasn't within our budget) and proceed to steam clean every square inch of carpet in the house, but we also started to tackle the jungle that has become our backyard. Unfortunately, the previous owners of this house lacked a much needed green thumb. All joking aside, we actually have reeds of bamboo growing over fifteen feet high that are beginning to overtake our fence, surrounded by seedless patches of swampy mud. I swear I've seen a panda bear hibernating in those suckers.

And after putting away nearly all of our winter clothes and filling the dresser drawers and closets with oxfords and cotton T's in pastel shades too pretty to have kept hidden away in the attic any longer, Hubs and I sat back and relaxed on our deck (that we plan to tackle/powerwash next weekend) and rewarded ourselves for a Sunday well spent.

Ice cold Coors Light bottles and chips and salsa.
Seriously, does life get any better than this? And as I stared down at my frosty bottle of refreshment brewed in the Colorado Rockies, I noticed that my color-changing blue mountains, courtesy of the "Cold Activated Bottle," reminded me of my childhood.

How is this possible, might you ask?

Well, for those of you unaware of the wonder that is the "Cold Activated Bottle," Coors Light introduced this new bottle, circa 2007, which features mountains on the label in Thermochromatic ink that turn blue when Coors Light has been chilled to the perfect temperature for ice cold refreshment. As your beer begins to warm and exceeds the "perfect temperature for ice cold refreshment" the mountains revert back to their silvery shine.

(photo courtesy of

Anybody else see where this is going?
Maybe you had a pair of them when you were a kid?
Mine were pink with ice skating penguins that... appeared... only when the weather... was cold?


As I enjoyed the crisp, refreshing taste of my Coors Light as it mingled with the salty, sweet freshness of our homemade salsa, I watched the silvery Colorado Rockies change from silver, to blue, and back to silver once again, and couldn't help but think of those crazy gloves from the 80's.

What a Sunday...


  1. I didn't have the gloves, but I had mood rings, does that count?!? LOL!!! Love the days of throwing open the windows letting the sounds of birds and wind chimes invade the house!

  2. Yes, OFCOURSE I had these - I think mine were red?!!?


    Ok now you've got me. I'm yours.


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