Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flashback Friday..

At work today, the girls and I were talking about some of our favorites from years past. Do you guys remember any of MY favorites? Perhaps you shared in them with me? I'll go as far back as I can remember...

The Sylvanian Families (Particulary for me, my favorites were the Bear Family and the Racoon Family). I vaguely can recall long hour spent in my bedroom playing with these critters. Anybody remember the little house they lived in? Or the fact that the Rat Family's whiskers were always razor sharp?

Highlights Magazine. I couldn't WAIT for this baby to be delivered to my house each month! Finding the articles in Hidden Pictures and reading the Goofus and Gallant stories were my absolute fave!

Glowstick necklaces. You weren't cool at the roller rink unless you were wearing one of these toxic beauties. I wasn't always allowed to wear them, especially after a young boy bit into his at the town 4th of July fireworks one year. Way to ruin it for everyone else, kid. Who remembers putting them in the freezer so that they'd last longer?

Push Pops. Not to be confused with Ring Pops (those were pretty awesome, too). How grossly sticky was your finger when you actually used it to push up the pop? Ah, the things we did for candy.

TGIF television. Growing up, I wasn't allowed to watch much television on school nights. Friday, however, was a whole other ballgame. How much did you love "Thank Goodness It's Funny" television? (I know, I thought it was "Thank goodness It's Friday.. But I was wrong!) Favorites included: Full House, Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, Mr. Belvedere (I'm going waaaaay back!), Family Matters and of course, these guys shown below.. Larry and Balki from Perfect Strangers.

I don't want to spoil you too much with my flashback favorites! I have to save some for future posts! I hope flashing back to YOUR favorites gives you the same little chuckle it gave me!

Have a GREAT Weekend!


  1. UMMMM, I was absolutely OBSESSED with the Sylvania Family house and characters!! It was basically the only "dollhouse' I ever really had! Oh boy, good times :o)

  2. Um, doesn't Justin look like Balki?? hahahahaha

  3. umm Sylvanian Families = best ever (is it wrong I still pause to look at them when I pass them in the store?)

    and TGIf was amazing... Our poor kids will have such crap TV (its all jap-anamie and spanish talking cartoons these days...) :)

  4. I loved TGIF!! I seriously looked forward to it all week! I also loved Littlest Pet Shop, Polly Pockets, and Strawberry Shortcake dolls. ahh the good 'ole times.

  5. I remember all of those, ha ha. Two of our favorite shows were Punky Brewster and Saved by the Bell. Memories!

  6. I'm not embarassed to admit that I still have my Sylvanian dolls and house! I definitely plan on holding on to it for my daughter to play with!

  7. I LOVED TGIF. I didn't know it was funny not Friday! Mr. Belevedere rocked. I think Alf was on TGIF too... What great shows.


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