Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashback Friday!

I have to admit, I LOVE me some Flashback Fridays! Here's this week's flashback...

Duck Tales. Do I even need to say more?

"Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes -
it's a duck blur You might solve a mystery or rewrite history
Duck Tales, Oo-oo.."

Kids these days are seriously missing out. Nickelodeon doesn't hold a candle to the cartoons we grew up with!

Wigwam Slouch Socks

I'm not ashamed to admit that I loved these socks. And when paired with skimp pants or stirrup pants? Let me tell you, I was stylin'!


Side ponytails, anyone? We all know scrunchies looked even better when our hair was crimped. And forget sleeping with your hair in braids every night. You had to use one of these...

And last but not least, by any means..

Pound Puppies

How could you not love these "Loveable Puppies That Need a Home!" Let's just say I owned more of these guys than I could count on two hands.
Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!
(Gooooo 'NOVA! Elite 8!! Woot Woot!)


  1. the minute i read "duck tales" i couldn't help but go "Whoo ooh!"

  2. Um, I had those scrunch socks in EVERY COLOR IN THE RAINBOW, and I also used scrunchies everyday... especially to tie my big, baggy shirt to the side.

    ohhh, the 90s.

  3. Oh memories! The Duck Tales theme song is now stuck in my head :)

  4. We have a customer that comes in the bank 3-4 times a week wearing coke bottle glasses and her hair is in an extreme side ponytail, complete with a scrunchy. And she's about 55. It's pretty funny, because she is 100% serious.

  5. ahh Duck Tales! So awesome. You're right, T.V. now adays is not like it used to be.

  6. Duck Tales - woo - ooh!! Love it. Wasn't Gummy Bears on like right before (or after)? I loved scrunchy socks. My sister and I would wear 3 different colors at a time with our keds. We were so cool. To top it off, we'd wear our hair banana split style with a super cool scrunchy. All your missing is the shirt buckle so you could wear your shirt half up!

  7. that was a great list!!! i saw duck tales and immediately started singing the theme song LOL

  8. The ducktails movie was amazing!!!! Great post! Love the Chrimper!

  9. Is it okay to be in love with a post? Because if so I'm in love with this one. Best flashback ever! (Oh, and the Duck Tales theme song is now stuck in my head - and I don't really mind!)


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