Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Toddler Crafts: Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board DIY

The more pregnant I grow, the more new, fun and exciting activities I find myself looking for to entertain The Toddler with. You know, activities that require less Mommy-intervention and encourage a more individual-play stimulation. 

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon this pin which was for a DIY magnet board using a large oil drip pan and magnetic letters. With a basement playroom that, although full of Toddler Toys, was  basically a fresh and blank canvas, I thought this might be the perfect addition and The Next Great Thing. 

However, I knew it was missing a little something something. Kind of like jazz hands. It just needed that extra pizzazz. So, I set about looking for what I would need to pull this great idea together. 

Once I procured my large oil drip pan I had to decide whether I would go ahead and spray paint that sucker a brilliant cherry red or find some cutesy fabric to add just that hint of pizzazz I was looking for. For the record, I was able to find the oil pan in Walmart. Large, metal and makes a great noise when smacked, as noted by The Toddler. Any large automotive store should carry these, not to mention they are a'plenty on Amazon. 

I was all set to spray paint away but realized that I may worry down the line about the paint scratching or flaking off and god forbid this project turn out anything less than perfect. Unfortunately, I would have to find something else to spray paint. Plan B was to head to the nearest Joann Fabrics to browse the selection of thin, cotton patterns. As soon as I stumbled upon this adorable, navy houndstooth, I knew this was the winner. {Thanks for the fabric reminder, Christy!}

The dimensions of the pan are 47" x 25," which led me to order a yard plus fifteen inches of my desired fabric. The plan was to hot glue it to the drip pan as soon  as I got home. Note: You'll want to pick a relatively thin fabric as this can affect the stickiness of the magnets. Too thick and your magnets won't stick. Easy. 

To wrap the pan, simply lay the fabric face down on the ground, placing your pan, face down, on top of the fabric. Begin with the top, drawing a thin line of hot glue along the edge of your pan. Be sure to pull the fabric taught as you press it down onto the glue. Repeat with the fabric at the bottom of the pan. 

To wrap the sides of the pan, you'll simply fold your fabric over, stretching it once again as taught as it will go, and drawing a thin line of hot glue before pressing your fabric down. To wrap the sides, you'll likely be wrapping the fabric over on itself. Just be sure to use extra hot glue where necessary. 

Now, for the magnets! I knew I wanted some bright and colorful magnets that I could use with Carter in teaching him shapes, colors, objects, animals, etc! I'm currently working on a set of shapes but until I have each of those painted, I couldn't help but pick up a few of the pre-painted wood pieces at Michaels and Joann Fabrics! For $.59 a piece, you just can't go wrong! 

In order to turn these adorable shapes into magnets, you'll also need to buy magnet backs. The thicker/stronger the magnet, the better. I found the self-adhering magnets wouldn't be strong enough to stick through the fabric so I opted for the thicker magnets that I could hot glue myself. The pack I bought contained 8 magnets for $3.99. 

Add a dab of hot glue, press down your magnet and wha-la! An adorable, colorful new magnet to use on your brand new magnet board!

I have to say, I think the grill just might be my favorite magnet. 

Don't forget, in order to complete this project you will need the following:

Carter loves this brand new magnet board and I cannot wait to employ the Husband's handiwork in hanging it on our playroom wall! I'll be sure to share with you an updated picture once our brand new activity craft graces the wall! 

Happy Crafting, Loyals! 
Be sure to come back and share pictures 
if you decide to tackle this fun little project!

Looking for more crafty ideas? Head on over to Jennifer's Blog for Toddler Tuesday where she shares her Toddler Craft of the week! This week? Home re-made crayons! So cute, Jenn!


  1. i love this and would love to make it for a few kiddos that i know would adore this :) thanks hun and happy tuesday!

  2. Now this is my kind of craft!

    See also: Hounds-tooth Fabric as Figurative Crafting Jazz Hands = Reason 2,987 that I love you to pieces.

  3. I certainly hope that when I'm on pregnancy #2, I catch your crafty bug!! I always have great crafting intentions, but as soon as things go not as planned, I give up!

  4. So cute! Definitely want to try this, soon!!!

  5. Love this, AP! I use something similiar in my classroom. You should link this up on my blog for Toddler Tuesday today :)

  6. Love this!! Realized this morning I have my big magnet board from Ikea that used in my classroom jut sitting in a closet. Sweet! Now I just need to cover it and make some magnets. Thanks for the idea, AP!

  7. Good grief! What has become of you Martha?!?!!? I love it! Craftee McGee's what I"m gonna call you from now on! It looks great! I may have to make one for Easton now...especially if it makes good noice! WE're all about some noise up in hea!

  8. Very cute idea! I'm going to have to do this for Ethan.

  9. I love this soo much!! I need to go buy an oil drip pan ASAP!

  10. Love this!! You did an awesome job momma!!

  11. This is very cute and a definite must do for us once we finish our basement! :o)

  12. Love this! So cute. I will be making one of these for our playroom.

  13. I've seen this on Pinterest and thought about doing it for my boys! Glad to know it was easy!

  14. Look at you crafty McCrafty! I LOVE this idea! And that fabric? Ah-mazing!

  15. Thanks for the sweet comment!! Love a fellow DIYer! Congrats on #2! New follower!

  16. Um, so we are the same person . . . I finished my magnet board today (mine is a combo chalkboard/magnet one), complete with that same drip pan, complete with many of those same self-made magnets. If I post a pic of mine I'll be sure to send people over here to see how it should be done :-).


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