Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bumpdates :: 19 to 22 Weeks, Because I'm Awesome At Documenting This Pregnancy

All I have to say is.. Thank god for Instagram and iPhones 
or else this poor second baby would have even less documentation 
of his existence. 

{ 22 Weeks Pregnant, Baby Number 2 }

Total Weight Gained?: No idea. I'll get back to you. 

Maternity Clothes: Heck yes. Elastic waist bands fo-eva. No, seriously. 

Sleep: Like the dead. Actually, that's a lie. I just wanted to say that. I live in a constant state of exhaustion so falling asleep is no trouble at all. You know, after I've gotten myself into a comfortable position. Which alone, takes roughly thirty to forty minutes. Once I'm asleep, I usually stay this way until getting up to pee around 3am. And then? I might as well be up for the day. I've been having the hardest time falling back to sleep after waking up at that ungodly hour. 

Best Moment of the Week? Well.. The Husband first felt the baby from the outside on January 31st, so that was pretty cool and worthy of documentation. 

Movement? All the time. M2 is ridiculously active in the early evenings and right before bedtime. He also loves to move around after snacks and when loud music is played!  

Food Craving? Salt and peppered avocados, guacamole, Mexican. Fruity sour candy. 

Food aversions: Whatever sounds good at the moment works for me. No real aversions this time around. 

Morning sickness? Has been replaced by the world's worst case of flaming heartburn. With Carter, I had heartburn my entire pregnancy but was able to keep it at bay with Tums. This time? No dice. It's so painful. So much that I have plans to ask for an Rx to help quall the volcano in my esophagus at my next doctor's appointment. 

Gender? C's going to have a little BROTHER! 

Labor Signs? Braxton Hicks have started rearing their ugly head about week 21. Those suckers are such a pain in the ass. 

Belly Button? Out. Like way, way out. And never going back. 

What I miss? Non-pregnant clothes. Being skinny. Seriously. The Husband and I went to see The Vow in theaters right before Valentine's Day and if you've seen it, you'll understand what I'm about to say. Post-Accident Rachel McAdams? Might as well have been shopping in my closet. The cropped skinnies? The cardigans, the blazers and the tailored button downs? The flats and loafers? Gah. I miss my old clothes. I didn't start feeling like this until closer to the end with Carter but as it seems, everything rears its ugly head just a little bit earlier the second time around. 

What I'm looking forward to: Cleaning out the office, ordering M2's bedding, working on C's Big Boy room and beginning the nursery details! 


  1. You seriously have the cutest bump, you look great girl :)

  2. You are such a cute pregnant lady! Glad you documented your progress!

  3. You are one of the more beautiful pregnant women ever. Love your bump and all your outfits.

  4. I'm jealous of you boobs. Yes, I said it. LOL Looking great lady!

  5. You look like Julia Roberts in your week 21 picture!

  6. as always, you look fab. hot hot hot. yay for working on c's big boy room!

  7. First off you are the hottest MILF around and secondly- I effing want post-accident Rachel's body- you can have her clothes, k? Love ya sista!!

  8. I had the same sleep issues...would wake up at an ungodly hour & couldn't go back to sleep. That's usually when I would consume the first of many bowls of cereal (my main craving). Also, they say heartburn is due to how much hair the baby has. I had it bad enough that I had to sleep sitting up and both girls came out with quite a bit of hair.
    You look good momma! Over half way there!

  9. You look AMAZING, mama!! I swear you are one of the cutest pregnant ladies around!!

    I miss being skinny, too. Like seriously. I know it takes time to get the baby weight off, but dang, I had no idea it was THIS slow.

  10. FIRST----ZANTAC 150 was my best friend for the last 4 months with Easton. Getcha some of that!!!!!

    SECOND-----YOU LOOK WONDERFUL! Of course you miss your old clothes, but you are totally kicking this pregnancy's butt in the wardrobe department! Lookin good momma!!!!!!

  11. You look so good!! I hope my belly rounds out like yours. It's sticking out, but more of a flattened look. If that even makes sense.

  12. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog earlier!! And seriously, what would we do without the phones on our cameras??? And IG is awesome.. I will need to find you on there! I love that you're having a baby brother for Carter!! We really are in the exact same boat right now! :)

  13. you look great, lady!!! love the pics!

    I could NEVER fall back to sleep either. annoying!

  14. I love these updates! You are rocking that pregnancy girl! But i do remember how much I missed my old clothes when I was pregnant!


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