Monday, February 6, 2012

Last But Certainly Not Least.. Fabulous Jewelry, Hair Accessories and Blog Reads!

I can't remember a time that I haven't browsed a Stella & Dot online boutique and not immediately filled my online shopping cart with at least 5 gorgeous pieces. Needless to say, I am thrilled to introduce my personal Stella consultant, Kim, and share some of my favorite pieces with you! From gorgeous jewels to great handbags, candles and gift ideas, Stella & Dot is your one stop shopping site!

Right now, if you spend $125 on any Stella accessories, you'll receive a special gift FREE valued at $79! Be sure to like Kim's personal Stella & Dot facebook page to stay up to date on all new samples, sales and products! 

Amanda is the beautiful wife and twin Mama behind the blog The Wilkerson Way. She is also one of my absolute favorites because she was my 1,000th Loyal! Amanda writes about life with multiples and is currently taking part in Project 365! I can't help but swoon over the picture she shares of her two beautiful babies, Emma and Levi! 

Amanda recently shared a delicious recipe for lasagna and I cannot wait to try it out in the M kitchen! Be sure to head on over and say a quick hello to Amanda and follow her on Twitter!

Hands down one of my favorite shops on Etsy belongs to my virtual blog-friend Jennifer of jdavis squared. She is the brilliant and crafty lady behind some of the most adorable custom and personalized hand painted piggy banks, snack bowls, picture frames and canvases around. 

What's even sweeter? Her husband, Jon, is always eager to lend a helping hand. You know I have my sights already set on a sweet piggy bank and canvas growth chart for M2 when he arrives! Be sure to follow Jennifer and her sweet shop and Facebook as well as Twitter and Etsy! You won't want to miss reading her personal blog either!

If you are not already following this hot Mama's blog then you are surely missing out. Although I have a lengthy list of everyday must-reads, MK's blog is certainly a part of it. In the "About Me" section of her blog, she writes, 

"So I’ve traded “I drank too much last night and forgot to take off my eye makeup” for “I want nothing more than 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep” and “Sunday Funday” in the city for “Homework and Diaper Change Sunday” in the suburbs (doesn’t really have the same ring to it). "

Seriously, how could you not love her already? Her snark and sass is right up my alley, not to mention that I am a sucker for handsome little baby boys and her son, Ace, rivals Carter's cuteness any day! I've also been known to steal a recipe or two from her, only the ones that are MK-approved, of course! Be sure to head on over and show this fellow-Maryland girl some love both on her blog and Facebook fanpage as well! If you, too, can't get enough of her, make sure you're following her on Twitter as well!

Now, I know this isn't the first time you're hearing about this next lovely lady around these parts. Pamela is my very own sistah-in-love and the "newlywed-ish" voice behind the blog Our Love Nest. It's there where she writes about balancing life as a new-ish wife, fancy pants fashionable homemaker and occasionally, she'll even get her craft on with me. 

Be sure to following along on her adventures both in the kitchen as she attempts to feed that hungry (albeit picky Husband of hers)  and in HomeGoods (as she slyly attempts to decorate, on the "cheap" their very first house together!) You can follow her here, here and here!

And last but certainly not least, one of the many, many reasons I need to birth a baby girl... 

Loyals, I am so excited to introduce Carey's adorable little Etsy shop to you, One Little Monkey. She is a beautiful Mama to a handsome Toddler Man and in her free time, manages to create THE most adorable hair accessories. She hand creates beautiful floral headbands both on elastic and crocheted material but that I am most in love with are her clippies. I truly, truly cannot get enough of them! The cuteness factor alone is just out of this world! You think I'm kidding? Take a look.. 

Be sure to follow this creative and crafty Mama on Facebook where she posts about flash sales, giveaways and more. You also won't want to miss a single tweet of hers here

Thank you SO much to the fabulous and amazing ladies who are February sponsors of I Love You More Than Carrots! 


  1. Loove One Little Monkey...and guess who does NOT have a Hello Kitty hair clippy? Yes, her. Will have to fix this immediately.

  2. Thanks so much, lady! Cannot wait til a have a moment to sit down and visit all the other sponsors. Looks like a ton of great shops/blogs!

  3. I'm OBSESSED with One little Monkey!! Carrie makes the cutest accessories and her packaging is ADORABLE! She even includes a personalized note! :)

  4. Love checking out your recommendations! Thanks!

  5. I love MK!! Her blog is awesome.


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