Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm MIA and Shannon from L.A.I.D Has Stepped In With WINE!

Psst, Loyals! You're in for a treat this week. As much as I would love to snark and sass around these parts all day, every day, I really need to get my tush in gear and focus on packing my entire closet for Blissdom. As I'm sure you all know by now, I'll be leaving for Nashville on Thursday and needed a little extra help around ILYMTC. Of course, I'll be back on Wednesday with a post that hopefully nails just what I'm all about. 

Until then, a couple of my favorite bloggers have stepped up to the challenge of filling in for me. Today and tomorrow you'll be hearing from my two of my absolute favorite internet-loves as they dish what they're best at. Be sure to give them a nice, warm welcome, ya hear?

* * *

Good Monday Morning fine ladies, or should I say Loyals?!  Shannon here from Life After I "Dew", you can call it L.A.I.D. for short {all the cool kids are doing it}.   AP is off getting ready to have a fabulous time and making us all sorts of  jealous at Blissdom so I'm here to fill in, today at least.  I don't need to tell you how hilarious, witty, creative and downright fabutastic our host is but I will anyway.  

I think ILYMTC was one of the first blogs I started to read way back when and there was just the right amount of snark, funnies, and honesty that just drew me in.  AP has a way with words, does she not?  She can pretty much make anything funny and the shenanigans she gets herself into are worthy of their own reality show.  I'd watch.  So I was more than flattered {and a little bit intimidated} when she asked me to guest post while she's getting her Bliss On {not really sure why I capitalized that} but I'll do my best, in true L.A.I.D. fashion.

I've noticed a few things missing from ILYMTC lately, well just one really.  WINE!  I mean I know AP is pregnant and if you drink when you're pregnant it's a bad idea.  I'm a mom too you know.  So to show a sign of solidarity {or not} I have been drinking all of the wine that AP can't.  What can I say, I'm a good, true friend.  Also I'm a bit of a wino so this has not been a tough task for me to take on.

But this is where the Trailer Park {capitalized for obvious reasons} takes over AP's little slice of preppy, monogrammed, JCrew wearing, and perfectly manicured part of the Internets.  We drink box wine over here.  As in there's a box with a bag inside that is full of the sweet nectar of the Gods.  It just makes sense.  

Let's see, if I'm going to be drinking for two I need to do it in the most economical of ways.  Box wine is just that.  You get 5 liters, 5, for the comfortable price tag of {on sale even} just $13.99.  In AP land that would only get you ONE bottle o' delicious.  I'm getting like, a lot more than that {I never said math was my strong point}.

Also?  It stays fresh for up to 6 weeks people, 6!  I mean not that it lasts that long in my house but IF it did, it'd still be as delicious as the first day I clawed through that cardboard window and pulled the spout through. Yes it comes flowing, graciously, from a spout.  It's like wine, on tap, 24/7.

But I don't feel even a little bit embarrassed sharing this wealth of wine knowledge with you, not at all.  You know why?  We recently went to a wine tasting, as in wine being poured from bottles, and I divulged this not so little secret to the Sommelier.  The look on my husbands face.  But anyway, the nice lady informed me that box wine?  It's not so bad.  About 10-20 years ago I would have gotten stink eye over such a confession but these days?  It's totes acceptable.  Therefore, I wear my box-wine-drinking badge proudly.

My favorite you ask?  Gladly. It's got to be Franzia House Collections Crisp White.  It's just what it says, crisp.  Almost like a thirst quencher but not really because it leaves you wanting more! more! more!  It's pretty sweet though.  I conned Kristen into trying it and she broke my little heart when she told me this was the one thing we couldn't have in common.  So beware.  I've recently tried the Shiraz variation, you know to be sure I'm a little more cultured with my red wines, and surprisingly it ain't so bad.  Actually I know one thing for sure, I got tipsy off of one glass of the red stuff whereas it takes approximately 3 with it's white counterpart.  I know they say blondes have more fun but in this case I think reds may just know how to do it right.

OMG did I lose you at Trailer Trash?  No?  You love box wine just as much as the next broke girl?  Cool!  We can be friends and you can hop on over to my little slice of the Internets anytime.

Big hugs and {slightly}open-mouthed kisses to AP for letting me invade her space today.  The pleasures been all mine.



  1. Cute post :) I have never drank boxed wine but I really dont know why not...I am def going to get me some. I need some wine while packing for Blissdom right AP? :) I am bring some questionable items but at least ill be feeling good while packing.

  2. Fabulous post Shannon!! You never disappoint!! And I am all for wine, boxed, bottled, sippy cups (say what) and all! As long as there is wine, mama is happy!! ;)

  3. Shannon, you are always a fucking basket of laughs. Love you girl! And your love for the boxed delicious.

  4. A girl after my own heart with boxed wine. Have you tried Black Box? It's an ah-mahz-ing vintage that they purposefully box because of green packaging.

  5. HI-larious! Once I get back to drinkin' a lil' more of the sauce, I will have to check out some box wine--totally economical on this SAHM's salary!

  6. Big fan of the box wine. Can't say a box has last 6 straight weeks but it's nice to know that it CAN. ;)

  7. I can't live without my wine and I hate to admit this but I'm a boxed wine virgin. Definitely will give it a try after reading this post though! :)

  8. So happy to hear we're going to have some converts! Box wine for life!

  9. Too funny!! Boxed wine is like the only kind I can drink - even though my husband makes fun of me and says I'm just drinking adult Kool Aid. What's so wrong with Kool Aid anyway?!

  10. Gah. I have never been a wine drinker...but I guess that's because I'm barely legal. ;) Maybe I'll just be picking up myself a box o' delicious tomorrow at the local grocery store.

  11. Ha! I was giggling through this whole post. And now I feel like it's "totes acceptable" to go get a box o' wine for the fridge. I've got four kids, yo, and don't get to the liquor store too often. :)


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