Friday, October 28, 2011

When Not To Live Vicariously Through Your Child {Via A Ball Pit}

I'm sure we all have those toys that although we may have begged and pleaded for them growing up, they never quite made it into our hands. For me, that toy was the Barbie Styling Head. Apparently my parents missed the memo or rather the giant circlings in the Sears Christmas Toy Catalog each year that indicated my dying love for said creepy doll head. 

Loyals, I am 28 years old and to this day I still remind my mother that she never bought me that godforsaken doll. Perhaps I am still waiting for it to show up under the tree one year? Let's be real. As a child, I did not go without. Instead of that creepy doll head I was given kitchen sets, easels, motorized cars and any piece of clothing a girl could have ever wanted. But there was something about that doll. 

Since Carter wouldn't find nearly as much joy in the Barbie Styling Head as I would prefer, I figured I would get him the next best thing. 

A ball pit. A giant blow up ball pit. Because once again, Loyals, how cool would it have been to have had one of those growing up? 

Shortly before Carter's first birthday I went out in search of the best deal. I came across this ball pit and immediately decided it would be The One. 

Not only did I purchase the ball pit but upon further inspection, I noted that it only came with 24 balls. Now, Loyals. In hindsight, I clearly understand why a ball pit would only come with 24 measly balls. But at the time? In my moment of sheer motherly weakness, I thought to myself, "BALL PITS ARE NOT COOL UNLESS THEY COME WITH AT LEAST FIFTY BALLS."

So? I bought 25 extra balls. Worst move of my life, Loyals. Worst move. 

If only I had known that I would spend roughly 17 minutes of every single day corralling said forty-nine balls and throwing them back into the pit? I think the initial 24 balls would have sufficed. Been more than enough, actually. 

17 minutes every day. That's 119 minutes every week. Which translates into roughly 6,188 minutes per year. Picking up fu*&ing plastic balls.  

Because what is Carter's favorite activity? Oh, only running around the playroom, diving headfirst into the Super Awesome I-Have-The-Best-Mom-Ever Ball Pit and throwing every. single. ball. from it. 

So, Moms. Aunts. Sisters. Whatever your kid-friendly relation may be, the next time you have a hunch to run out and buy your kid a ball pit? Think about those 6,188 minutes. That's my friendly PSA for the day. 

And if by chance you suffer the same lapse in judgement as did I, well then, you only have yourself to blame. Say goodbye to your sanity. 

Happy Friday, Loyals. Have a great weekend! We've already arrived in Hometown, New Jersey and in less than 48 hours I'll be getting my "10 Year High School Reunion" on. Don't worry, IHA. I don't think it will become blog-worthy and if it does, I'll be kind enough to change your names. 

I'm kidding! Maybe.


  1. Something about the phrase "I bought 25 extra balls" makes me giggle :)

    I? Wanted a Baby Alive doll. Repeatedly I ask, and like you, was repeatedly denied and given everything else under the sun.

    So? I wrote a SCATHING letter to the Tooth Fairy upon losing a tooth, threatening to No Long Believe in her unless she gave me Baby Alive in return for my tooth.


    But your post has me thinking...maybe that's why I'm so dead set on Kitty having a realistic "house" in the backyard complete with a porch and window boxes for flowers...

  2. I love you and all, but I think you're crazy for thinking a ball pit (24 balls or 2400 balls!) seemed like a good idea in the first place! You are a braver woman than I, for sure!

  3. I wanted that creepy Barbie doll head too and never got one either. Hmmm maybe is baby #2 is a girl she will have to get one for Christmas one year so mama can play with it. :)

    We have a ball pitt too and I am constantly picking up those freaking balls. I finally put the damn thing away because I couldnt stand it any longer.

  4. I totally had the barbie head doll!!

    Boys and their balls...wait what...I actually hide the balls and golf clubs when we have playdates b/c things can get ugly real fast!

    Have fun at your reunion! Mine was last weekend

  5. So you are basically saying this would make a great gift to give to say.. my niece? So my sister has to pick up the balls? Great gift idea... along the lines of that crazy Fisher Price popper push toy.

  6. That barbie head is truly creepy, but I can can see little AP wanting it. HA!

    I use to nanny for a toddler who also had a ball pit. And yes, I spent almost every nap time picking up those stupid balls! By the time I was done with that and got bottles washed nap time was over!!

    That is one thing on my list of "never purchase for J." Glad I'm not the only one who hates the ball pit!

  7. hahaha omg this is so true. a little boy I babysitt has get ready .... 2 BALL PITS. so yeah. that's a lot of fun.


  9. My grandparents had that barbie head. It was fun. I'm not gonna lie. You missed out. ;)

  10. Don't worry, years down the road, you will still be the best mom ever for buying that ball pit. AND that picture of him is just darling! Have fun at your reunion!

  11. I had never thought of that. That is why I hate the busy ball popper. But that thing only has 5 balls.

  12. Haha. Such a funny post. I love that he has a ball pit. A very cool toy all of his friends will be jealous of some day. You are Mom of the year. ;)

  13. My 10 and 20 year reunions would have been blog worthy if I was actually blogging at that you might be surprised!

    Tommy and Carter would so get along. My living room is one giant ball pit. Except I don't actually have the apparatus you bought. I just have what seems like bazillions of balls...all shapes, sizes, round, baseballs, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls. And yes, I probably spend about that same amount of my time every night putting them all into the bins. Never mind when one goes under the couch, Tommy knows to get the swiffer so Mommy can get the ball(s) out with it.

    Have a BLAST at your reunion. Be careful of the SNOW we are going to be getting up here in Joisey! I'll be working in it!

  14. Good to know! Sounds like that ball poppet thing might be bad too!

  15. It never would have occurred to me to buy extra balls for the pit until you mentioned why you did it. But yeah, that makes sense why it only comes with that many!

  16. that barbie head always creeped me out! hope you get it this year :)

  17. I was devastated to find out that Barbie head now TALKS. Yeah. What's up with that?

  18. I always wanted a trampoline. I'm pretty sure it was on my Christmas list for like 10 years and I never got one...and now they all have nets around them! As if they're dangerous or something...;)

    I made a ball pit for Grayson and he could care less about it! So strange. The dogs? They try to eat every single cheaply made plastic ball. SO, I end up cleaning slobbery balls. (that sounds SO wrong)

  19. I thought about getting ball pits for my niece and nephew just so I could drive my sisters insane :)

  20. OMG! We too have a ball pit, and I had the same thought process but I bought 200 damn plastic balls. I spent alot of time every day picking up those balls. All under the couch etc... BUT peebs loves it! ha


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