Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin-spiration: Yummy Pumpkin-Spiced Pancakes!

Friends, desperate times called for desperate measures. If you follow me on Twitter, you would have known the sheer devastation I felt shortly before The Husband's birthday when not one, not two, but FOUR local grocers were sold out of canned pumpkin. Talk about a pumpkin depression! I was forced to bake him a Ginger-Vanilla Loaf rather than my annual Husbandly Birthday Pumpkin Bread. Oh, the horror! 

So needless to say, when I saw that the local Martin's was restocking it's shelves at the exact same time I happened to be cruising by the baking aisle, I knew it was fate. I bought so many damn cans of pumpkin and it was a good thing I did! Shortly thereafter women were literally throwing elbows trying to scoop the stuff up! Crazytown

Before I share with you this divine recipe, I need to give credit where credit is due and thank my friend Aliya for not only the inspiration for this recipe but also the genius behind "pumpkin-spiration." Can you believe she thought of that before 9am? And she's a mom to a beautiful little chunker. Even more brilliant, if you ask me! 

Last Fall, the Husband and I enjoyed many a pumpkin french toast breakfast but after seeing Aliya post a picture of her pumpkin pancakes on Facebook earlier this week, I knew we needed to branch out. And branch out we did! Although I did not top said pancakes with homemade cinnamon-honey butter like Aliya did, I'm fairly certain my sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar goodness is near comparable. 

This recipe is ridiculously easy and as I'm sure you can guess, I barely measured anything and it turned out delicious. True AP-fashion, I tellya!

What You'll Need:

1. Bisquick Mix
2. 2 eggs
3. 1c milk (Aliya used buttermilk, I went with skim)
4. a shake or 2 or 3 of cinnamon
5. a shake or 2 or 3 of nutmeg
6. a shake of cloves
7. a shake of ginger
8. 1 small can of Libby's pumpkin
9. 2 pats of a stick of butter
10. syrup, cinnamon and sugar mix (to garnish)

What You'll Do:

Prepare pancakes according to directions on Bisquick box. The 'cakes we made yesterday morning were thick. We're talking really cake-y. You may want to cut back on the amount of Bisquick by say, a third-to-a-half cup, if you prefer your 'cakes to be less dense. 

Mix in 3/4 a can of the pumpkin. If your batter appears too thick, splash in a bit more milk.

Throw your 'cakes onto the griddle, wait for those sneaky little bubbles to start popping and flip when ready! 

Once done, I sprinkled them with the cinnamon-sugar mix, topped with a pat of butter and drizzled with delicious maple syrup. It was like biting into a warm slice of pumpkin pie. Believe me, Loyals. You NEED to make these Pumpkin-Spiced Pancakes! And once you do? Come back and tell me how divine they were! 

Happy Weekend!


  1. Yummm!
    I've been seeing pumpkin spiced everything everywhere. I want it so bad! :)

  2. I love pumpkin pancakes! I need to try pumpkin french toast!

  3. Yum! Pumpkin stuff is the best, I'll be giving these a try! - Cari

  4. I may have just licked my monitor.

  5. Yummy! I have been craving something pumpkin too lately. Thinking about making a pumpkin loaf. It doesnt seem fall without it.

  6. I totally just bought a box mix for this! so sexcited to eat them..all, but not.

  7. OOOH!!!!! I have never had pumpkin pancakes and these look SO delicious!!! I can't wait to try them out next weekend (no fancy breakfasts during the work week!).

    Also, I LOL'd at the pic of women throwing elbows to get to pumpkin! tee hee hee!

    Hope you had a great weekend! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  8. Which of your followers revisits your blog daily (while at work) just to look at the pic of these pancakes?

    [slowly raises hand]

  9. Oh my goodness. I'm so glad I found these on pinterest. I will be making them. Soon.

  10. Out of pumpkin?! Glad you got some! I *almost* made pumpkin pancakes today but it was a berry day instead ;) I did make a pumpkin pie though :) And cinnamon sugar, mmm, what a great combo! :)


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